British band Eddy Smith and the 507 play in Eagle-Vail Thursday |

British band Eddy Smith and the 507 play in Eagle-Vail Thursday

British rockers Eddy Smith and the 507 are in town for the GoPro Mountain Games, playing Thursday at the Route 6 Cafe, and Saturday at the Vail Ale House.
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What: Eddy Smith and the 507.

Where: Thursday at the Route 6 Café, Saturday at the Vail Ale House.

When: 10 p.m. Thursday at the Route 6 Café, 10 p.m. Saturday at the Vail Ale House.

More information: Eddy Smith and the 507 is a London-based blues/rock/funk/soul band that’s touring Colorado.

EAGLE-VAIL — Thousands of people will be here to play during this weekend’s GoPro Mountain Games.

Among them are Eddy Smith and the 507, and you’ll want to catch them if you can. They’re coming all the way from England to play blues, rock and soul tonight at the Route 6 Cafe, and Saturday night at the Vail Ale House.

If you’re feeling like a groupie, and you might after you hear them play, then they’re also playing a couple gigs in Crested Butte, along with the wedding of Will Franden’s sister. Franden plays bass, writes music and sings.

Eddy Smith does all that, too, as do the other guys in the band.

Like so many others this weekend, they’ll be here to cheer on a buddy — in their case, it’s pro mountain biker J.T. Toepel. As long as they’re here, they figured they’d make some music.

Ollie Holdstock owns the Route 6 Café and he’s originally from Chester, England, so it wasn’t tough to convince him to host the band.

“It’s a great time to show-off this international talent while they’re in Vail,” Holdstock said.

About the band

Smith fronts the band and plays just about everything that makes music. He earned his Bachelor of Music Technology Degree at Kingston University in London.

That’s where he met Franden and the rest of the group.

“If I hadn’t been a student, I would never have met them and wouldn’t be playing with these amazing people,” Smith said.

Franden is from Colorado. He graduated Arapahoe High School and University of Colorado Denver, before earning a music performance degree at London’s Kingston University.

“I first picked up a guitar at the age of 3, granted it was merely a toy, and I had no idea how to play it, but it definitely revealed my primitive love for music to say the least!” Smith said.

That’d be a “flat” in Brit-speak.

Smith produced his own album, and his new single was picked up by the BBC and UK radio. That led to a bunch of recognition and awards.

They’re now an electronic funk, blues and soul band playing all kinds of original material, and they cover lots of songs. They perform all around London at several prestigious venues such as the 02, and have been played live on national radio stations such as the BBC and Sky News, as well as local radio stations all across Europe.

With their newest single, “Blood on Your Hands,” they played live on the BBC and were featured on the cover of Blues Mag.

They tend to write music together.

“We all dip our pens into the same creative pot,” Smith said.

BBC Radio Presenter Matt Graveling said Eddy has, “one of the most soulful voices we’ve ever heard,” and he might be right.

They followed Smith’s debut single, “Temptation,” with “Blood on Your Hands.” Listen closely and you’ll detect a touch of that soulful, hard-rocking Motown sound.

A panel of judges with the MBF Awards Song Writing Competition spotted it too, and the band reached the finals of a competition that had entrants from every university in the United Kingdom.

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