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Broadway Cafe

BY PRESTON UTLEY A mint sauce brightenes up the lamb chops.

Settle into to one of Broadway Cafe’s tall, cozy booths and enjoy a meal made from scratch, without the dishes. When you walk into this upscale neighborhood restaurant you’ll notice how good it smells. The decor, elegant without being pushy, borrows from vintage Americana. But the main event is the menu, which will keep your attention. Making a decision might try your skills.

Broadway Cafe has mastered good food. The dishes share a theme: elegant in their simplicity. The mains have one sauce with complementing sides. The mahi mahi, covered with a mango salsa, is a little taste of warm weather. The colors are as vibrant as the flavors and it’s the perfect topping to keep the fish moist until the last bite. The sauteed vegetables were actually perfect ” they still had a little bit of crunch to them. The lamb chops, topped with a mint chili sauce, are juicy and succulent. The sauce makes for an interesting twist on an old standard. Before and after With croutons made in-house, try the Caesar salad. The salad comes with plenty of parmesan and a tasty dressing. Save room some for dessert and sample the apple crisp, warm and gooey, an iconic winter-night treat with ice cream is nice finish for the meal. And to warm you up they make a great espresso and have a large tea selection.

Check the menu because they’re always changing what’s on tap. Owner Pete Woodward keeps an ample wine selection and don’t be afraid to ask for suggested pairings. He’ll be happy to help you pick the right libation.

Whether you visit Broadway Cafe on Saturday night for “Mussels and Martinis,” an event unto itself, do try the Prince Edward Island mussels. The heaping pile of shellfish is cooked in a flavorful saffron cream sauce that will warm you up from the inside out. The dish is filling but not heavy ” not an easy feat when using cream. Make sure you ask for extra bread, as none of the sauce should be left behind.

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