Brodin brings ‘steady demeanor’ to Minturn Town Council |

Brodin brings ‘steady demeanor’ to Minturn Town Council


The Minturn election will be April 5. The Vail Daily will be printing each candidate’s answer to a questionnaire in the following days.

There are two candidates running for one, two-year term for mayor:

Hawkeye Flaherty (Wednesday)

Matt Scherr (Wednesday)

There are five candidates running for three, four-year Town Council seats:

Terry Armistead (Thursday)

George Brodin (Thursday)

Harvey Craig (Friday)

Sidney Harrington (Friday)

Johnie Rosenfeld (Friday)

To see candidates answers, visit

Name: George Brodin.

Occupation: Owner of Leadfoot Linda’s Auto Service.

How long have you lived in Minturn? Circa 1984.

Why do you want this job? I like representing the citizens of the town of Minturn.

I enjoy interacting with citizens, staff, other council members, citizens at large in Eagle County and other governing decision making bodies. One of my favorite tasks at work is driving the shuttle for customers who drop their car off. We cover many topics, but the question that draws the most passion from me is, “So, what’s happening in Minturn these days?” It’s like putting a quarter in the jukebox.

Why are you the best person for this job? I bring a calm, steady demeanor, thoughtful consideration of what comes before me and a large tolerance of viewpoints in order to make decisions. I am also able to step back if I am not the correct person for the job, vis-a-vis the new bathrooms. I was on that committee for a while, but the design became creative way beyond my traditional views and I got out of the way and let it happen and they turned out great.

What’s the most important issue facing the town today? Responsible growth.

What’s your opinion of the Crave Community Co. land swap proposal? It is not the correct product.

In four years, what would you like the town government to have accomplished?

Complete the entryway project; Dowd Junction purchased and planned; a comprehensive parking plan; speed calming on U.S. Highway 24; sidewalks from Bellm Bridge to Maloit Park (portions already exist); new computer management system for the town (talk to Jay Brunvand, town treasurer); sewer and water to the lease lot; final approval of a Crave development plan; add kids’ (young and old) activities to a town Independence Day, a town Labor Day and a town winter carnival event (three-legged race, skateboard/bike obstacle course, snow ski, softball or frisbee event); install fence around and add designated parking, bathrooms, trails, picnic tables, covered pavilion and handicap access fishing dock to the Boneyard Open Space Parcel; a plan to re-establish Bolts Lake with a “put the shovel in the dirt” date set; bike path from Dowd Junction to Maloit Park; and flush bathrooms at Little Beach Park.

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