Broncos trade for Joe Flacco: The Internet reacts |

Broncos trade for Joe Flacco: The Internet reacts

Yes, on Wednesday the Broncos traded for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, according to multiple sources.

And, while we will have some more serious analysis of this trade later in the day, the Internet went nuts. So to lighten up your day, here are a few of the highlights.

We always like the “Goodfellas” reference.

And, heck, “The Simpsons” have an answer for everything.

Want some statistical analysis? Twitter is apparently there for us.

Ouch. Speaking of ouch, this might bring back some bad memories for Broncos fans, but it was a good throw.

And that throw led to this.

Fox Network apparently has rendered its judgment on the deal.

And apparently, Broncos general manager John Elway isn’t immune to criticism — not surprisingly.

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