Brothers guilty of trespassing on open space |

Brothers guilty of trespassing on open space

David L'Heureux
Special to the DailyThe above mule deer antlers were confiscated and will be sold for charity.

EAGLE – A 22-year-old Eagle man and his 20-year-old brother were found guilty of trespassing on town open space while the area was closed for the winter. The area is closed from Dec. 1 to April 1 to protect deer and elk during tough winter months for the animals, said Bill Heicher, the town open space coordinator who caught the man trespassing, Feb. 23. The men were caught leaving the Third Gulch open space area south of Eagle Ranch. Heicher found a pair of mule-deer antlers in their truck, which was parked next to a town sign explaining the area was closed, Heicher said.

The brothers’ lawyer did not return a call to comment for this article.Male mule deer and elk shed their antlers after the first of each year. Walking the hills and looking for such “sheds” is a popular – and sometimes lucrative – activity, he said.”A nice pair of antlers can get you big bucks on the market,” Heicher said.

A wheelbarrow load of antlers can sell for as much as $400 or $500. This particular pair of matching antlers had six points on one side, and seven on the other. The antlers came from a large mule-deer buck, Heicher said.Heicher said the February incident was not the first time he had found one of the brothers on town open space when it was closed.”(He) had been warned about a year previously, when he was out collecting antlers on Eagle open space,” Heicher said. “I told him that was his only warning. A year later, he was back out there.”

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