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The first-graders at Avon Elementary School send a huge thanks to U.S. Ski Team Member, JJ Johnson. He took time out of his demanding race schedule to visit the boys and girls and to present them with signed cards. The students traveled to the race and cheered JJ as he raced. JJ's father, his coach, presented the kids with U.S. ski pins.

Add this to the category of “questions to answers no one asked.”One of the Titans recently purchased a car that displays the outside temperature on the dashboard. During recent days, when the outdoor temperature has hovered around “Yikes!,” that’s been depressing news, indeed.And it’s led us to wonder about the real purpose of in-car outside temperature displays. Drivers already know if it’s hot or cold out, even if the car’s been in the garage. So perhaps the display is to comfort the driver, or, maybe, build brand loyalty.In the summer, high outdoor temperatures could lead a driver to praise his car’s air conditioning system. “Boy, this (insert brand name here) sure has a good air conditioner!” the driver could exclaim. The reverse is true in the winter, of course.On the other hand, if the car spends a lot of time in the shop, the outside temperature display could, inadvertently, lead some people to prayer.”Please, Lord, spare me from another breakdown,” the suddenly penitent driver could pray. “It’s too doggone cold to stand by the side of the road.”Mostly, we’d rather not know the exact temperature. It’s usually enough to know whether to dial up red or blue on the dial….

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