Brush Creek residents object to name change |

Brush Creek residents object to name change

Scott N. Miller Special to the Daily

A short stretch of Brush Creek Road will keep its name for the foreseeable future.

After hearing objections from Brush Creek residents who would be impacted, the Eagle Town Board backed away from a proposal to change the name of the stretch of road between the north entrance to the Terrace subdivision and the new road leading to the town’s recreation complex.

“I think we should leave it,” said Board Member Stephen Richards. “I don’t see any reason to change it now.”

Town Planner Larry McKinzie said the impetus for the proposed name change came from looking at future transportation projects in town. In an attempt to get some traffic off Capitol Street, Sylvan Lake Road through the Eagle Ranch subdivision is slated to be linked with Brush Creek Road by 2005, at a point east of the golf course club house.

In addition, town officials have been planning a road from Highway 6 to the south side of town through the Bull Pasture subdivision. With that in mind, town officials proposed re-naming the short stretch of Brush Creek Road from the three-way stop leading from town to the Terrace and Eagle Ranch. The new name was to be “Bull Pasture Road.”

Members of the Johnson family, whose properties on Brush Creek Road would be subject to the name change, objected.

“Nobody has convinced me yet there’s a safety reason or confusion factor to do this,” said Bill Johnson, adding that signs, more than road names, would direct people to the desired route up Brush Creek.

Johnson’s mother, Jean, a lifelong resident of Eagle, also urged the board to leave the road’s name unchanged.

“My concern is that it’s a historic name,” she said. “The Brush Creek Road name has been here for 100 years. A lot of the older people think it should stay the same.”

Longtime resident Ella Bindley agreed.

“It’s been that way for eternity,” she said. “You younger people want to change everything.”

Bindley also said that changing the street’s name to “Bull Pasture Road” would perpetuate a previous error. The late Chester Mayer, whose family owned the property that became the Bull Pasture subdivision, “never kept a bull out there,” she said.

While the board voted unanimously to repeal the resolution changing the road section’s name, board member Paul Witt cautioned that there may be a need to re-visit the issue in the future.

“I hope I’m gone the next time this comes up,” Jean Johnson replied.

This story first appeared in the Eagle Valley Enterprise

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