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Bryant jury questionairre released

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TO THE PROSPECTIVE JUROR:The information which you give in your answers to the questionnaire will be used only by the court and the parties to select a qualified jury. After a jury has been selected, all copies of your response to this questionnaire will be returned to the Clerk of the Court and kept in confidence, under seal, not accessible to the public or the media. The attorneys, their investigators and their staff are under specific orders to maintain the confidentiality of any information they learn in the course of reviewing this questionnaire.Please answer each question as completely and accurately as you can. Your complete written answers will save a great deal of time for the Court, the parties and you. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. In order to ensure that your answers are not influenced by the opinions of others, you should fill out the questionnaire by yourself without consulting or talking with any other person.You are expected to sign your questionnaire, and your answers will have the effect of a statement given under oath to the court. What is needed is your very best, honest effort to answer the questions.If you cannot answer a question because you do not understand it, write Do not understand in the space after the question. If you cannot answer a question because you do not know the answer, write Do not know in the space after the question. If you need extra space to answer any question, please use the extra blank sheets of paper included at the end of the questionnaire. Be sure to indicate on the blank page the number of the question you are answering.If there is information that is so personal and private that you want to discuss with the judge and the attorneys in the judges office, please write I need to speak in private and give a brief description of the information. Please keep in mind that all individual conferences are time consuming. However, if you believe such a private conference is necessary, please indicate as set forth above.Please write or print legibly. If your answers are illegible, you may be required to re-copy your answers.After you leave today, you must not discuss any of the questions, your answers or any other aspect of this case with anyone else, including members of your immediate family. If anyone approaches you and attempts to learn about any aspect of the questionnaire, you may not answer their inquiries. If they persist, you should report this to the Court immediately.The purpose of this questionnaire is to encourage your full expression and honesty, so that all parties will have a meaningful opportunity to select a fair and impartial jury to try the issues in this case. Thank you for your full cooperation. It is of vital importance to the Court.W. Terry RuckriegleChief JudgeDISTRICT COURT, EAGLE COUNTY, COLORADO885 Chambers AvenueEagle, Colorado 81631Plaintiff: PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF COLORADODefendant: KOBE BRYANTJURY QUESTIONNAIRE1. Juror Name:2.Juror Number:3.Gender: _____Male_____Female4.Date of Birth:5.Place of Birth:6.Where did you grow up (City, State, Country)?7.How long have you lived in Eagle County: _____In Colorado? ______8.What is your current town or neighborhood of residence?9.How long have you lived at your current residence?10.Do you: _____own_____rent_____neither? (Check one)11.Please list where you have lived in the last 5 years:12.Marital Status: _____Single _____Married _____Separated _____Divorced_____Widowed _____Living with significant other13.If married, how long have you been married? ________ If living with a significant other, how long have you lived with this person? ________14.If married or living with another person, what is your spouses or significant others job or occupation? a) Job Description _________________________,b) Educational Background ______________________15.If he or she is retired or unemployed, what was his or her occupation before retiring or being unemployed?16.If you have children, please state: Name, Sex, Age, Does child live with you? Education, Occupation, Marital Status17.If anyone else is living in your home, what is their relationship to you, age and occupation?18.What is your highest level of education completed? _____Less Than High School, _____Some High School, _____High School Degree, _____Some College or Tech School, _____Tech School Degree, _____College Degree, _____Some Graduate School, _____Post-Graduate DegreePlease list all degrees, certificates, licenses and major areas of study, telling when and from what institution:19.Have you ever studied or received training in medicine, psychology, psychiatry, social work, sociology or counseling? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain.20.Do you have any friends who are physicians, psychiatrists or psychologists?___Yes ___No21.Have you received any training in law, law enforcement or criminology? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:22.Have you ever had any training, education or jobs or have you ever done any volunteer work in any of the following areas? (Check each one that applies to you) _____Banking/Finance _____Corrections/Jail/Prison _____Counseling (Sexual Abuse) _____Firearms/Guns _____Genetics/DNA _____Investigations _____Laboratory _____Law Enforcement _____Medicine/Nursing _____Pathology _____Psychology _____Security _____Hospitality _____TV/Radio _____Victims of Crimes _____Drugs/Alcohol _____Forensic Sciences _____Handwriting Analysis _____Justice System/Courts _____Law _____Local/State Government _____Mental health _____Police Procedures _____Science or biology _____Statistics _____Public Relations _____Telecommunications _____Womens Rights OrganizationsIf yes to any of these, please explain:23.What is your present job or occupation?_____Full Time _____Part Time _____Unemployed _____Disabled _____Retired _____Homemaker _____StudentHow long have you been so employed?If you are retired, what was your last job or occupation?If you are currently unemployed, what is your customary work?24.Do/did you supervise others? ___Yes ___No. If so, how many?25.Have you ever owned your own business? ___Yes ___No26.Have you ever considered or pursued a career in law enforcement? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:27.Please list all groups or organizations in which you participate or are a member. For example, service clubs, church or church groups, unions or professional organizations, volunteer activities, educational or political groups, neighborhood groups or self-help groups:28.Have you ever held a leadership position in any organization listed in response to the previous question? ___Yes ___No29.What are your hobbies, major interests, recreational pastimes, and spare-time activities?30.Do you have any religious belief that would prevent you from sitting in judgment of another person? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain.31.Were you ever in the military? ___Yes ___No. If yes, answer the following: a) What branch? b) Date of Service? c) Rate or rank? d) Where were you stationed? e) Character of discharge (honorable, general, etc.)? f) Reason for discharge? g) What were your duties?32.Have you or anyone close to you ever worked for, volunteered with, or considered working for any law enforcement agency in any capacity? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:33.Have you or anyone close to you ever worked for, volunteered with, or considered working for a free legal clinic, the public defenders office or a similar agency? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:34.Would you believe the testimony of a law enforcement officer simply because he/she is a law enforcement officer? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:35.Would you favor the side that had law enforcement officers as witnesses? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:36.In general, what are your feelings about the criminal justice system?37.What are your feelings about the sexual assault laws in Colorado?38.Do you think that when a person is accused of a crime, he is probably guilty? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:39.Do you think that people who make a lot of money are treated better by our court system than other people? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain.40.In a criminal case, the defendant is presumed to be innocent until and unless the People prove him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The defendant also has the right to remain silent. That means he is not required to testify, and if he does not testify, jurors are not permitted to draw any conclusions from that fact. Do you think that when a person is accused of a crime, he should be: __Required to prove his innocence? ___Yes ___No. __Required to testify? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:41.a. What criminal cases have you followed in the media? b. What opinions, if any, did you form about the criminal justice system as a result of following these cases?42.Have you ever been a witness to a crime, filed a report with a police officer or other law enforcement agency, or had contact with the District Attorneys office? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:43.Have you ever been involved in a lawsuit including a divorce? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:44.Have you ever served on a jury before? ___Yes ___No. Case #1: Type of Case, How long ago, Where? Reach a verdict? Were you the foreperson? Case #2: Type of Case, How long ago, Where? Reach a verdict? Were you the foreperson? Case #3: Type of Case, How long ago, Where? Reach a verdict? Were you the foreperson? How did you feel about your juror experience?45.How did your jury service effect your opinions about the jury system?46.Have you or anyone close to you ever been a suspect in, arrested for, or charged with a criminal offense? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:47.Have you or anyone close to you ever been the victim of a crime, whether it was reported to law enforcement authorities or not? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:48.Have you ever called the police about any problem with a family member, even if no one was arrested? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:49.Have you or anyone close to you, including a child, ever been the victim of any form of sexual assault? (This includes actual or attempted sexual assault or other unwanted sexual advance, including by a stranger, acquaintance or family member.) ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:50.Have you, or anyone close to you ever felt in danger of being sexually assaulted by another person, including a stranger, acquaintance or family member? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:51.Have you or anyone close to you ever participated in a class or discussion group, or read books or articles concerning sexual assault, or sexual abuse? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:52.Have you or anyone you know had any contact with, worked for, volunteered with, used the services of or contributed to a rape crisis center, rape hotline, rape prevention program, battered women/childrens shelter or similar program? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:53.Do you belong to any group or organization that has a serious political question about how the court system works? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:54.This case involves charges of sexual assault. Is there any experience that you or anyone close to you has had that may affect your ability to serve fairly as a juror in a case such as this? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:55.Do you have any bias for or against mental health care professionals? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:56.Have you ever been afraid of or had any negative experience with an African American individual? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:57.In your opinion, in general do African-Americans in our society experience (check one): ___A great deal of racial discrimination, ___Some amount of racial discrimination, or ___No racial discrimination? Please explain your opinion:58.How do you feel about interracial relationships?59.Do you have particularly strong feelings about, or have you or anyone close to you ever been affected by or involved in a situation of marital infidelity? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:60.Do you follow professional basketball? ___Yes ___No. If yes, what are your favorite teams?61.Which of the following best describes your opinion of professional basketball players: ___very positive ___positive ___negative ___very negative. Please explain:62.Do you have any opinions about or knowledge of Kobe Bryant? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:63.There has been media coverage involving professional athletes being criminally charged. Which of these cases, if any, have you followed?Please indicate your agreement or disagreement with the following:64.The media can be trusted to report both sides of controversial issues: ___Strongly agree ___Agree ___Disagree ___Strongly disagree. Please explain:65.This case involves charges that Kobe Bryant, then 24 years of age, a professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, sexually assaulted __________, then 19 years of age, in his hotel room at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera. What have you read, seen, or heard about this case?66.When you first learned about this case, what were your reactions?Have your reactions changed since then? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:67.From what source(s) did you receive information about this case? (check all that apply) ___Television ___Radio ___Newspapers ___Internet ___Other people ___Other68.If you have learned about this case from television, radio, newspapers, magazines, or the Internet, please check all areas listed below which reflect your exposure, and describe your exposure to each: Television: ABC 7, NBC 9, CBS 4, WB2, Fox 31, CNN (Cable News Network), ESPN Sports Center, Court T.V., MSNBC, Fox Sports, Fox News, Other (Please indicate):Radio: KSKE 104.7, KTVN 101.5, KZYR 97.7, NPR 89.9, KNFO 96.7/105.5, KOA 850, ESPN 560, KZYR 97.7, KKFN 950, OtherNewspapers: Vail Daily, Rocky Mountain News, Denver Post, USA Today, Eagle Valley Enterprise, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, OtherMagazines: Newsweek, Time, People, US Weekly, Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Sporting News, Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, US News & World Report, Other (please specify):Tabloids: The National Enquirer, The National Examiner, The Globe, The Star, OtherInternet: Internet Chat Rooms, Internet Web Sites69.Have you ever been contacted in connection with a survey about this case? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:70.Have you had any contact with anyone working for the media? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:71.Have you discussed this incident or heard anyone else talk about this case? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain, including who you discussed the case with, and the content of those discussions:72.Based on what you have read, seen, or heard about this case, which of the following reflects your opinion of whether or not Kobe Bryant is guilty or not guilty of the sexual assault charges? ___Definitely guilty, ___Probably guilty, ___Possibly guilty, ___Possibly not guilty, ___Probably not guilty, ___Definitely not guilty, ___Not enough information to decide.73.Have you or anyone you know had any contact with the __________, any member of her family, or any of her close friends: ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:74.Have you ever been employed by, done business with, visited, or stayed at the Lodge & Spa at Cordillera? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:75.Do you know of any attorneys who are connected in any way to this matter? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:76.Do you know or have you had any contact with any of the following people or members listed on the attached List of Witnesses? If so, please check the Yes box and briefly describe how you know them.77.Do you know any of the following lawyers? Mark Hurlburt, Gregg Crittenden, Ingrid Bakke, Dana Easter, Harold Haddon, Pamela Mackey, Terry OConnor, John Clune. If yes, please explain:78.What impressions, if any, have you formed about the attorneys listed in the preceding question:79.If the court instructs you not to discuss the case with anyone until it is finally submitted to you for deliberation at the end of the trial, and then to only discuss it with your fellow jurors in the jury room, would you have difficulty in following that instruction? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:80.Do you know any other person who has been called for jury duty in this case? ___Yes ___No. If yes, who?81.Please state any reason why you believe you could not or should not serve as a juror in this case:82.Is there anything not covered in this questionnaire that you feel either of the attorneys or the judge should know, so that your ability to be a fair and impartial juror can be evaluated? ___Yes ___No. If yes, please explain:I affirm under penalty of law that I answered truthfully and completely all questions in this questionnaire and understand that it is a violation of law not to do so.__________________________________________SignatureDateVail Colorado

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