Bryant’s 911 call sought medical aid for his wife |

Bryant’s 911 call sought medical aid for his wife

Vail Daily/ Melinda Kruse

The Newport Beach city attorney’s office released documents about the 911 call Wednesday.

Newport Beach, Calif., city officials said Wednesday that the 911 call Kobe Bryant made the day before his arrest was to get medical help for his wife.

Bryant made the call on July 3, the day before he returned to Eagle County to turn himself in at the Eagle County Justice Center after a warrant was issued for his arrest on a count of sexual assault.

Vickie Cleary, emergency services manager for the Newport Beach Fire

Department, said medics treated a female at the house but didn’t need to

take her to the hospital. The female turned out to be Bryant’s wife, who was found in a bed by emergency personnel.

The documents released Wednesday also indicated Bryant’s mother was at the home at the time.

Bryant’s call came just after midnight on July 3.

Bryant left Colorado July 2 after providing DNA samples for a rape kit at Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs, flying back to California. The Los Angeles Lakers guard is accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old Eagle woman on June 30. Bryant had been in the area for knee surgery.

Newport Beach Police Sgt. Steve Shulman said police found no criminal conduct during the July 3 incident and no report was taken.

“It was strictly medical aid,” said Shulman. “There was no sign of violence or crime, nothing to indicate there was any type of criminal activity.”

Bryant’s July 3 call to the 911 dispatcher was cut off before Bryant talked to anyone. Using automatic redial, the dispatcher was able to call back and spoke to three people before talking to Bryant, who admitted making the call. Paramedics arrived at Bryant’s home 15 minutes later.

Authorities also responded to a 911 call from Bryant’s home on March 5. Bryant was not home at the time. The Lakers beat the Indiana Pacers 97-95 that night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Shulman said the March 5 incident was also a medical condition. He said there was no sign of violence, struggle or crime during that call, either. The woman was taken to Hoag Hospital March 5 in Newport Beach. Hospital officials said they are prohibited by law from releasing the patient’s identity.

Bryant, free on $25,000 bail, is scheduled to return to Eagle

County Court for an Oct. 9 preliminary hearing. He claims the Eagle woman had sex with him willingly.

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