Bryant’s attorneys oppose changes in media order |

Bryant’s attorneys oppose changes in media order

Kobe Bryant’s attorneys filed a motion opposing proposed changes in how the media is allowed to gather information around the courthouse.

Media outlets requested that they be allowed to do interviews and take photographs and video in the courthouse corridors, and on the courthouse grounds. In his July 24 ruling. Eagle County Judge Fred Gannett banned such actions as part of his media decorum order.

“What the media applicants in effect seek is the ability to question and harass the participants,” wrote Harold Haddon, one of Bryant’s defense attorneys. “The decorum order is reasonable in all respects. Under the decorum order, the media continue to have multiple methods of collecting news and broadcasting and printing news.”

A defendant in a criminal proceeding should not have to run a gantlet of reporters and photographers each time he enters or leaves the courtroom, wrote Haddon.

Haddon wrote that Gannett’s decorum order was effective in preventing disruption during Bryant’s Aug. 6 advisement. Haddon said the defense team would not object to a paragraph listing Bryant as one of those people who is not allowed to be contacted on the Justice Center grounds.

Gannett’s order banned the media from contacting or photographing anyone associated with the case in the Justice Center or on the public areas surrounding the facilities, except Bryant.

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