Bryant’s statements to investigators leaked to Daily |

Bryant’s statements to investigators leaked to Daily

EAGLE COUNTY – Kobe Bryant’s statements about last summer’s event to sheriff’s investigators, and a compact disc recording of the interview, was mailed to the Vail Daily anonymously Wednesday.The large, brown envelope carried a Denver postmark and no return address.The CD recording contained the voices of Eagle County Sheriff’s Det. Doug Winters, Eagle County Sheriff’s Det. Doug Loya and Bryant as Bryant was interviewed the night after he alleged raped a 19-year-old Eagle woman at the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera June 30, 2003. Whether or not the transcript and CD were complete was impossible to discern at press time. However, since the voices of Winters, Loya and Bryant were discernible, the Daily opted to report on the recording. If any parts of the Bryant’s interview have been edited out of the transcript provided to the Daily, those parts will be included later.The recording and transcript, along with everything else related to the case, were sealed from the public after Bryant’s attorneys requested and received a temporary restraining order prohibiting their release. District Judge Richard Hart is expected to rule this month on whether the information will remain sealed. Bryant’s versionOn the recording Bryant sounded at times surprised, upset, agitated and disbelieving.He wondered what the young woman wanted … money perhaps … and seemed surprised to learn that, according to Winters, she didn’t want anything.He said he would take a polygraph test, or cooperate in any other way the detectives asked. While the detectives talked what the results of a polygraph test might be, Bryant remarked that he didn’t know his hands were shaking.Bryant’s version of events was similar to his alleged victim’s. He said they took a tour of the hotel and grounds, that they ended up in his hotel room, that they talked about tattoos and that she showed him where the bears come down to the window near Bryant’s suite, Room 35.The differences are stark, though, about when the alleged victim said “no.””Did she say I did something to her?” Bryant asked detectives during the questioning.According to prosecutors, the alleged victim started saying “no” when Bryant groped her, and kept saying “no” until he let her go.Bryant said the first time the alleged victim had said “no” was when he asked if she would allow him to perform a sex act on her that she refused to allow. He said she said “no” only once, and once was all it took for him to stop.After Loya asked if the sex was consensual, Bryant said that it was, and that he stopped the first time she said “no.” Bryant said she did not cry, as prosecutors said she did, and that she asked him for an autograph when she kissed him goodbye. Bryant told her he’d give her those autographs the next day, and that he’d learned during their conversation the young woman would be working.Asking for truthWinters said he wanted to give Bryant an opportunity to tell the truth, and that if something had happened, they would find out about it.Winters said he did not believe Bryant’s story at face value, pointing out that when confronted by the two detectives, Bryant’s initial reaction was to lie, saying he had not had sex with the young woman.”You lied to us right off the bat,” said Winters.Winters said he was skeptical about Bryant’s statement that the sex was consensual, and that Bryant didn’t seem all that clear on the details.Bryant expressed surprise that the alleged victim suffered genital injuries and bleeding, and provided his white boxer shorts to the detectives while they were collecting evidence.Early in the questioning, Bryant asked, “Is there any way I can settle this … whatever it is? If my wife found out anybody made allegations about me, she’d be furious.”As questioning began, and the issue of sexual assault was broached, Bryant’s first reaction was to express concern for his career and his image. He then told detectives he had done nothing, and later expressed concern about his wife finding out, and said his wife and daughter were all that mattered to him.Bryant was wearing the same T-shirt he’d been wearing the night before, when the incident occurred. He said he had not changed his shirt because he had left his California home the Saturday before, and had worn the same shirt “off and on” most of the time since he’d left.He was accompanied by bodyguards Michael Ortiz and Troy Laster of O&R, a Los Angeles area security firm, and a trainer named Carbonne, who was along because he was having surgery at Vail’s Steadman Hawkins Clinic. “We did a lot research and found out they were the best,” Bryant told the investigators.The criminal sexual assault charges against Bryant were dropped on Sept. 1, when the alleged victim said she could not go forward with testifying in the trial. The civil case filed in federal court last month is still pending.Randy Wyrick has been covering the Kobe Bryant case since its inception. He can be reached at Colorado

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