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Buckley will bring balance

We need balance in our county government’s elected officials. To create that balance in our elected officials, there needs to be someone who will watch our wallets, bring up alternative ideas and connect with residents of the county to allow for the best possible citizen participation in our government. That candidate also should be concerned about our youth, senior citizens, the environment and property rights.

Debbie Buckley is the candidate who fits this bill. Debbie will bring balance to the Eagle County Commissioners’ Office.

Debbie’s credentials include serving on the Avon Town Council, the Eagle River Water and Sanitation Board, the Upper Eagle River Water and Sanitation Authority Board and the Eco Transit Board, to name a few.

Debbie has, for many months now, demonstrated her desire to be commissioner by attending countless meetings up and down the valley to become aware and informed of the many issues facing us today. From knocking on doors to attending community meetings ,she has shown a willingness to communicate and connect with both individuals and governments to gain the background necessary to be an Eagle County Commissioner. Debbie already has shown her interest and her willingness to commit the time necessary to serve as our county commissioner and now we should give her the chance to turn her enthusiasm and efforts into working for us.

The county needs to move forward with solutions to pressing issues on taxation, expenditures, housing, seniors’ needs, citizen involvement and environmental responsibility. Debbie Buckley is looking to address all of these issues as your county commissioner and will bring new ideas to the board as they work toward the answers. Debbie Buckley is the candidate who will give us the balance we need as we face the challenges ahead and will get my vote for Eagle County Commissioner.

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