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Build a wall

I’m writing this letter in response to your World News release; “Increase number of Border Patrol agents” and Sen. Jon Kyl’s, (R-Ariz.).Congressional amendment “…authorizing fencing… for his state’s border with Mexico.”

Do you want illegal immigrants taking your jobs? If we put up a secure wall, it will benefit this country.

If we put up a larger and more effective fence across the borders, then U.S. taxpayers will be benefited through having to pay $16 billion less in welfare. Taxpayers are supporting these illegals through schools, prisons and medical treatment.

Also, your personal family members could be laid off to an illegal alien who doesn’t belong in this country. Illegals have put legal people in the position of needing welfare. Illegals continue not paying taxes and receiving welfare from our government, which are us. The taxpayers. If we don’t build a fence, then should we fly others across the ocean to give them equal welfare benefits in America? If not, why not? There are 155 poorer countries than Mexico.

Finally, the Bush Administration officials announced the U.S. is spending $300 million U.S. tax dollars to beef up security on Iraq’s borders to protect Iraq from “foreign infiltration.” If President Bush will make a border fence for other countries, then why doesn’t he make a fence for us and save his country and taxpayers billions of dollars?

I am in full support of Sen. Kyl’s Congressional amendment (“authorizing fencing”), because we must protect this country and the taxpayers of this country.

Woody Lich


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