Build Eage River Station right, if at all |

Build Eage River Station right, if at all

Tania Moravitz
Eagle, CO, Colorado

My husband and I are unfortunately moving back home to Camas, Wash., so we won’t be here to see if the Eagle River Station is built or not. We are not for or against it, but we have been following the topic and are curious about a few things. Why not plan it right from the get-go?

Maybe we, who consider ourselves so green and “outdoorsy,” can learn from the Europeans once again. They have “pedestrian zones” (the “fussgangerzone” in Germany). You park your car underground or in a parking structure outside of the shopping area, and then you walk.

Why is the Edwards shopping area called the River”walk”? Wouldn’t it be so much more enjoyable if you actually had to walk to it? Yes, we mean no cars. How horrific would that be? Imagine a place with water fountains, cobalt stone and a little “placita” (maybe we can learn something from the Mexicans, too) where you can let the kids run around and enjoy talking to some friends you just bumped into?

Oh! And if they haven’t decided what stores they want to have as anchors, how about an REI and Whole Foods?

We’d be there!

Tania Moravitz Eagle

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