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Bumbling Bush offers same old speech

Alex Miller

When a 4-year-old makes a request over and over again in hopes that the answer will change, its both cute and annoying and to be expected. When the president of the United States of America keeps repeating things in hopes that the reaction of the people he ostensibly leads will change, its nothing short of pathetic.Over and over, we hear that were making progress in Iraq, that the Iraqis will stand up as we stand down, and that if only those traitorous naysayers would shut up about everything thats not going perfectly, everything would be just hunky-dory. Instead of addressing the multitudinous concerns being voiced by the American people about this unnecessary and ruinous war, Bush trots out his same ol talking points again and again.Like my 4-year-old, pressing the case to have marshmallows for breakfast.George W. Bush may be our president, but hes also a fool, a liar and a betrayer of his countrys trust. He should be impeached for gross incompetence, mass murder and disastrous policies that have turned the world against us. But he wont because hes got a house and a senate of GOP allies who, although theyre growing skeptical, like consolidated power more than justice (not to mention the inconvenient fact that an impeachment would lead to the bizarre, Vader-esque Dick Cheney or, if he stepped down, the puppet Denny Hastert).No, were stuck with Bush, and though I loathe his administration and much of the GOP-controlled Congress that enables it, I still wish them the best because Im an American first. Id love to see Bushs stupid war somehow turn into a success although in my wildest imagination I cant see what that would look like in the real world. Id like to see him find the courage to stand up and admit some, any, mistakes, level with the American people and listen to and act on their concerns. And Id like to see this president tackle real domestic problems with real solutions that arent cynical political power plays or stomach-turning gimmes to his conservative base.But this president seems to think that any public opinion is poll-driven heresy not worthy of his time. Call it regal imperative, head-in-the-sand obstinancy or simply slavish devotion to misguided principles, but this is a president who is simply not acting like a representative voice of the people who (sort of) elected him.Like the coach of a losing team whos switched from truly believing the team can get the points to win to a man who realizes the game is lost, Bush mouths his talking points on the war with less and less conviction. And the sad thing is there are so many more important things for our country to worry about than the freedom of people in a sparsely populated desert country half a world away. Thats not what its about or has ever been about in the first place. Does anyone really believe Bush, his neocon cronies or, to be honest, the American people in general, care much about the liberties of the Iraqi people?I wish them the best, but Id rather have kept the 2,110 American lives and put the $200 billion-plus into something for our own country. Kick-starting a nationwide effort to develop alternative energy would have been a far better use of the funds, not to mention patching our crumbling infrastructure, diverting it to the Gulf Coast or a thousand other domestic problems that money could indeed solve.While Bush, in his latest rah-rah, blah-blah speech last week, seemed to make some acknowledgment that the war is not going quite as well as one might hope, he still talks about abstract concepts that seem to apply to another land, another time, other wars. How, for example, does one achieve complete victory and we will settle for nothing less, he tells us when the foes that must be vanquished wont line up in neat ranks for us to mow down with high-tech weaponry? Bush goes on and on about the training of the Iraqi troops but leaves out the inconvenient fact that the already quite capable American troops havent done so well on the ground post Shock & Awe. The most advanced army in the world cant find every roadside bomb, nor can it stop every deranged suicide bomber.Ive no doubt that, if we pulled out of Iraq quickly say within the next six months that the outcome wont differ much than if we stayed in. American troops or not, the country of Iraq will eventually have to face its own demons with its own resource, be those what they may. Civil war, an Islamic theocracy or even Turkish-style democracy may emerge from the melee, but more dead and wounded American soldiers and more billions of our taxpayer dollars arent going to change the outcome. We may be stuck with the bumbling Bush for another three years, but we dont have to be stuck in Iraq. Lets get out of there and get on with fixing our own country.Assistant Managing Editor Alex Miller can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14625, or amiller@vaildaily.com

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