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Burglar steals cop’s handgun, police radio

BECKWITH, W.Va. ” A burglar broke into a police officer’s home and stole handcuffs, a 40-caliber Glock service pistol, a police radio and a duty belt.

The burglar also took $2,175 worth of other items, including a PlayStation 2 game console, video games, a portable DVD player, a cell phone and cash, State Police Cpl. R. C. Workman said.

Workman said the unidentified officer and his family were not home when the break-in happened.

He said the gun, valued at $500, is a model that could be purchased anywhere, but the $1,800 radio is not an item a civilian would have.

Police do not know whether the burglar knew a police officer lived in the house, Workman said.

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