Burglars hit 13 Denver-area churches since Dec. | VailDaily.com

Burglars hit 13 Denver-area churches since Dec.

ARVADA, Colorado – Police say two weekend church burglaries in the Denver suburb of Arvada appear to be connected to 11 similar incidents.

The Slavic Christian Church and Arvada Mennonite Church were burglarized late Friday or early Saturday. It was the second burglary at each church this year.

Police will say only that money, valuables or both were taken.

Investigators say 11 other church burglaries have been reported since Dec. 28, including the two previous incidents at Slavic Christian and Arvada Mennonite churches.

Three of the previous burglaries were in Northglenn and the rest were in Arvada.

Police say they aren’t disclosing how the thieves got into the churches because it’s a factor in the investigation.

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