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Burton action available via webcast

A sophisticated system of cable cameras and over the shoulder cameramen makes for a great viewing experience on the Burton U.S. Open webcast.
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VAIL — Can’t catch today’s Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships halfpipe finals in person? The webcast airs live and is as good as the real thing. Check out the webcast today on BurtonUSOpen.com and Red Bull TV starting around 11 a.m.

A sophisticated system of cable cameras, over-the-shoulder cameramen and commentators on the ground and in the booth keeps the action rolling and helps definite and translate what is actually happening for the regular viewer. Not sure what a double cork 1260 is? Announcers Tom Monterosso, Ed Leigh, Jack Mitrani and Tina Dixon are reporting from the courses and explaining everything point by point.

“Jack Mitrani’s singing commentary made my day,” Katie David, of Nazareth, Pennsylvania, tweeted of last year’s commentary.

Unique Broadcast Style

A sort of freestyle commentary that occasionally rhymes and has an accompanying guitar rhythm, Mitrani’s occasional calling of the action in verse is a big hit with his viewers. Among the elements most unique in his broadcast, though, is tweets like David’s often make it in to the coverage itself.

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“My favorite part about doing the live streams is the engagement,” Mitrani said. “I think one of the biggest things that people look forward to … is how interactive things like Twitter can make the live stream. Being able to talk to fans while you’re watching the contest, for one, makes it more fun for me and gives me more to bring to the table, but also it’s fun to hear what they’re thinking.”

You can send Mitrani a message with your thoughts during the event by tweeting @jackmitrani.

‘Fully Immersed’

But the star of their show is actually the camera operators. Great angles, zooms, moving shots that make you feel like you’re flying alongside the rider, it’s all present on the webcast. And it keeps getting better.

“As the event progresses, you have to progress in the way you show the event,” Monterosso said. “Burton has done a really good job of exhausting all of their resources to make it much more of a television event, so it feel like you’re fully immersed in the event and right there with the rider.”

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