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Bus rider’s behavoir bemoaned

Kathy Heicher

Could be it was the spring weather that was prompting some particularly creative forms of mountain mischief over the past week. Here’s some of the reports filed by the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office during the past week:

Bus bawd

A female ECO bus driver was not amused when a late-night passenger voiced sexual innuendoes, then kissed her on the head. When he asked her to pull over and have sex with him, she became upset enough to park the bus and seek help.

Questioned by the responding officer, the 50-year-old suspect denied any misbehavior, describing himself as a “gentleman.” However, other bus employees reported similar harassment from the fellow. He was issued a trespass notification, and was warned that he was no longer allowed to ride any of the buses.

Pop-up problem

An unwanted admirer prompted a stalking complaint from a 27-year-old Avon man. The victim said a woman he worked with had expressed an interest in him, followed up by personal questions and many phone calls. At one point, she allegedly hid in the back of his car, then “popped up” as he was driving down the road.

He called the cops after somebody dumped six to eight cups of sugar in the gas tank of his car. He also complained to his bosses, prompting the woman’s dismissal.

She was charged with harassment and stalking, but there was not enough evidence to file charges on the gas tank incident.

Troubling threats

An Edwards woman reported that her 17-year-old son had threatened to put pipe bombs in her car and bed, and to place sugar in her gas tank. He also handed over some printed information on how to build bombs.

Afraid to go in her home, she called the cops. They contacted the youth by phone. He used an aerosol can and lighter to spray flames out the front door. Eventually, when deputies threatened to use a taser gun on him, the boy came out of the house.

He said he was only trying to scare his mom. Officers found drug paraphernalia, syringes, scalpels and notes in his bedroom indicating an intent to kill other people and die as a martyr. The youth’s parents indicated he was receiving counseling.

He was charged with felony menacing and felony attempt at criminal damage and was taken to the Grand Mesa Youth Center.

XXX extraction

A Gypsum resident reported that somebody broke into a storage trailer and removed a change drawer containing about $20 in coins and 33 XXX-rated video tapes. A neighbor reported seeing some teenage boys in the vicinity, but they were not carrying any video tapes. The case remains under investigation.

Creative crimes:

– An Eagle-Vail shop owner reported that a former employee had resigned unexpectedly, taking with him some pre-paid United Parcel Service labels. When it became clear the employee was using those labels, the former boss filed a complaint. The case remains under investigation.

– A 16-year-old youth was stopped by employees at a Gypsum grocery store after he smuggled out a $41.56 package of tenderloin steaks. When questioned, the young man said he didn’t have enough money to support his 13-year-old girlfriend and their 2-month-old child. A records check revealed that he was wanted on theft charges out of four jurisdictions. He was detained and charged with theft.

– In Gypsum, a resident reported hearing some “slapping” noises at about 8 p.m. Looking outside, she saw a car slow down and pick up a kid who was carrying a club. A short time later, it was discovered that every window in a neighbor’s van had been broken and the vehicle’s tires had been slashed. Damage was estimated at $7,000. The case remains open.

– An Edwards woman reported her suspicion that her former boss had hacked into her home computer, somehow acquired her contact list, and was sending out messages stating that she had been fired. She also suspected the boss had somehow tapped into her mail and had stolen a Web site idea. The victim was in the process of installing a “firewall” in her computer. The case remains under investigation.

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