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Bus rides end badly

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There was a fair amount of drama on the county bus system during the past week.A woman from New York, who had been drinking, boarded the bus in Vail with the intent of getting off in Eagle-Vail. However, she missed her stop, and ended up riding to Edwards.She demanded the driver take her back to her stop. When he declined, she got upset, and started calling him obscene names. He kicked her off the bus on Highway 6 in Edwards, and called the cops. She started walking.When a sheriff’s deputy attempted to talk to the woman, she initially ignored him, then became upset and belligerent. She claimed the bus driver had been rude.She became increasingly more upset. Other officers helped subdue the woman, who had to be put in leg restraints for the ride to jail. She attempted to bite one officer.The woman’s sister, when contacted, said the suspect had downed seven glasses of wine and a couple of shots of alcohol during the evening. She also mentioned that the sister, who works as a flight attendant on corporate jets, has some issues with authority figures.The unruly woman was charged with hindering public transportation.Another bus driver, upon completing the last run of the night, found two passed-out passengers who he could not wake up at the last stop in Gypsum.When sheriff’s deputies arrived, they found two teenagers, who had been drinking extensively, and still had some vodka in their backpacks.The liquor was confiscated, and the kids were charged with illegal possession and consumption of alcohol. They were released to their parents.Business report break-insSeveral valley businesses reported burglaries in the early morning hours of Jan. 23. A smashed window was the means of entry for the burglars that robbed the Wolcott Market last weekend. The store owner reported that at least 20 cases of Budweiser, valued at about $20 each, were missing. Additionally, the window repairs will cost about $200.Other businesses hit included Edwards Liquors, the Minturn Liquor Store and Grapa Fine Wines in Vail. Most of the businesses were missing cash.The burglar was caught on tape at Edwards Liquors. The cases remain under investigation.Global positioningAn Edwards man became incensed when he discovered that the woman he had been dating for a year-and-a-half was also seeing another man. The suspicious first boyfriend hid a global positioning tracker in the girlfriend’s car, and figured out where the second boyfriend lived. He then allegedly made threatening telephone calls to both, hinting that he had put a “contract” out on them.The woman indicated she feared for her life. The upset boyfriend was charged with domestic violence and harassment.The woman indicated she feared for her life. The upset boyfriend was charged with domestic violence and harassment.Vail Colorado

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