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Bus service

Brian Haley, Eagle-Vail

Our family would love to be able to ride the bus and avoid parking hassles and costs at Vail, but it is a long hike to the bus stop with ski gear with no available parking, a situation worsened by the new half-diamond. With area population and traffic perpetually expanding and polluting the valley, it is time to encourage bus use by making it a convenient low-cost alternative instead of expecting riders to hike to the bus stop and stand by the side of a dangerous highway to be splashed with slush!

I think we should encourage ridership with a bus line that runs through Eagle-Vail and other large subdivisions, not near them, hopefully incorporating some rider parking areas along the way.

A perfect example of this is the Eagle-Vail swimming pool parking lot, which sits unused in the winter and has an easy bus turnaround route from Columbine to Eagle Drive and back to Eagle Road.

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