Business burglarized by downvalley drinker, police say |

Business burglarized by downvalley drinker, police say

Eagle Valley Enterprise
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado –During the early morning hours of March 13, Eagle cops were called to a downtown Eagle business on a report of a break-in.

While en route at approximately 2 a.m., the officer learned that a Hispanic male, approximately 6 feet tall with short hair wearing a button-down shirt and blue jeans had been spotted breaking into the Nearly Everything Store. Witnesses reported the man appeared to be very intoxicated.

When he arrived, the officer found the glass at the front right door of the business had been smashed, apparently with a large rock sitting right inside the door. One cash register had been smashed and the other had blood on the keyboard.

The operator of the Brush Creek Saloon told the officer that he was closing up for the night when someone knocked on the door to report the burglary in process. He went outside and spotted the suspect.

The bouncer at the bar said he had encountered the suspect earlier in the evening. He recognized the man when he heard that someone had broken into the store and saw him leave the crime scene.

According to witnesses, the suspect claimed he was the brother of an Eagle man. The officer attempted to find him at his “brother’s” house, but the man contacted said he had met the man that night, but he was not related to him.

Another witness reported he talked to the suspect that night and confirmed he appeared to be very intoxicated.

On March 14, the suspect called Eagle Police and identified himself as the person who had broken into the store. He said he had spent the night drinking at the Brush Creek Saloon in addition to drinking throughout the day at home. He hitchhiked from Gypsum to the bar.

Because he was so intoxicated, the suspect claimed he did not remember much of what happened after he left the bar. He said he found a rock and threw it through the window, but claimed he was pretty sure he didn’t go inside the building. When the Eagle Police officer informed him that there was videotape evidence showing him inside the store along with one smashed cash register and one with blood on the keys, the man admitted going inside but insisted he didn’t take anything because the next morning, he had no money.

The suspect agreed to turn himself in voluntarily the next day.

When he arrived at the Eagle Police Department on March 15, the suspect told officers he knew he was going to jail. After being advised of his rights, the suspect reiterated his story, noting he had consumed between eight and 10 beers that night. While he recalled breaking into the store, the suspect said he didn’t remember taking anything. He said he waited to report the crime because he was scared. A check of his record showed he was on a three-year deferred sentence.

The man was arrested without incident and taken to the Eagle County jail.

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