Business gurus already run town

Don Rogers

Business people can be a little dim in some ways. Seems everything is a threat or a marketing opportunity. Or if we’re talking about government, a scapegoat.Who on earth cannot figure out that there might be an impact when the buildings next door and down the block are coming down? Well, that must be government’s fault. Somehow. Can’t offer a lucid opinion when a reporter calls because, well, someone – maybe a customer – might not like it. Don’t use our names, for goodness sake! But why weren’t we called for this fabulous opportunity to plug our business? (Um, maybe because the other fella understood the question was about an issue, a trend, actual news, not an advertising opp?)No, the newsies don’t consult the ad department for most dollars spent before calling for insight. The newsroom is disinterested in the business side of even the paper’s business, alas. That’s not to be confused with uninterested. If you don’t know the difference, well, look it up. Oh yeah, the journalists are pretty dumb in their own ways. They don’t know the ins and outs of selling for a living. They don’t understand the pangs of ownership. They can barely count. Even with both hands free. Otherwise they’d make the big bucks as accountants. Or teachers. These tribes are enigmas to each other. Even politicians are more scrutable, if barely so.But, curious, in Vail and elsewhere, who do you think make up the bulk of the councils and planning commissions? Yep. Business people. Naturally, they lost IQ points just running for office, and way more after election. More than drinking like journalists, even. Still, people in business run the government. So how many more such “gurus” does a town like Vail need? Well, duh!Vail, Colorado

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