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Business watch – Therapy Masters

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Bret Hartman/Vail DailyKeri Masters, left, Neil Masters, middle, and Paula Ashbaugh, right, are the physical therapist at the Therapy Masters in Avon.

What goods or services do you provide and what product lines or services do you offer? Masters of physical therapy specializing in manual and manipulative treatment, back and neck disorders, sports- and work-related injuries, pre- and post-surgical treatment, pediatric rehabilitation, motor vehicle-related injuries and personalized exercise programming.

What strategies do you use to differentiate your business from your competition? At Therapy Masters, we ensure quality treatment by providing it one-on-one. Patients get 45 minutes to an hour, and get their physical therapist’s undivided attention. We actively listen to our clients, which provides us great insight into their needs. Knowing a client’s needs is essential in developing or modifying a plan. Having a plan is what allows for the most effective treatment – it’s what sets satisfactory treatment apart from exceptional treatment.

Our clinicians at Therapy Masters all have previous clinical experience in the Vail Valley. We have assimilated our best practices from past experiences with fresh new concepts to bring Therapy Masters to fruition. We also have advanced graduate training in manual and manipulative treatment that surpasses others in our field. Continuing education is not required by the state of Colorado for physical therapists, however it is a priority for our staff to further our education, stay current in our field, and provide our clients with the best that physical therapy has to offer.Educating our clients is also a priority at Therapy Masters. Providing detailed information regarding a client’s specific injury is essential to recovery and long-term health. If people can understand the cause of their pain and the rationale behind their treatment, they become more independent and proactive with their care. Our goal is to build trust, confidence and the knowledge to avoid injury reoccurrence. Community outreach programs are another aspect of our philosophy on education. Providing in-services to local coaches, sports teams, strength and conditioning specialists, fitness instructors, schools, businesses, and other organizations can help to minimize recreation time lost to injury, time out of work, and potentially decrease workers’ compensation claims. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Each of us at Therapy Masters has been involved in competitive sports, and remain active with skiing, Pilates, biking, yoga, hiking, swimming and kayaking. We have all experienced injury first-hand due to our active lifestyles, which enables us to relate and empathize with our clients’ rehabilitation. Vail, Colorado

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