Businesses report good Teva weekend |

Businesses report good Teva weekend

Vail Daily/Dominique TaylorCharlie MacArthur, left, and Noa Ginella race across the finish line for first and second place in the first heat of the of the men's stand-up paddle cross seminfinals Sunday on Gore Creek in Vail Village. Ginella won the finals.

VAIL, Colorado – The folks at Loaded Joe’s in Vail picked a good weekend to load up on eggs. The Vail Village coffee shop was bustling during last weekend’s Teva Mountain Games.

“Even Sunday afternoon the line was out the door,” store employee Jess Stefanik said. “We were so busy all weekend – we had five people on (duty).” Those employees helped serve up gallons of coffee and other drinks, and hungry Teva Games spectators put a big dent in the store’s late-week order of 75 dozen eggs.

In Minturn, the Sticky Fingers Bakery did a brisk business early in the mornings and later in the afternoons.

“We put a big sign in the window – ‘We love boaters,'” store co-owner Sage Pierson said. Pierson’s husband also passed out menus and coupons at the games, and a lot of those coupons came back to the store, Pierson said.

Teva’s overlap into other communities was felt at Zacca Za in Avon. Co-owner Lourdes Ferzacca said the Avon restaurant was bustling over the weekend. The Ferzaccas also own La Tour in Vail, a more upscale restaurant. Ferzacca said La Tour was busy, and saw a lot of representatives of the games’ corporate sponsors for dinners over the weekend.

“Teva doesn’t bring us a lot of business,” Ferzacca said. “But it makes the town really busy, and it’s really good exposure for businesses. People would stop by and look at our menus.”

It was a good weekend at the Bag and Pack Shop in Vail Village, thanks to the games, good weather and some well-timed promotions.

Store employee Michael Hand said the shop was running a storewide sale, and was also promoting some of the companies that were Teva sponsors. That way, people could check out items at the games’ “Gear Town” exhibit, then buy those items at the store.

“We sold a lot of camping gear, a lot of headlamps,” Hand said.

“We had a real quiet May,” Hand said. “But then it got sunny and warm, and people were walking around town – the weather played a huge role.”

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