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Bustang passenger found with drug smorgasbord, police say

Ryan Summerlin | Glenwood Springs Post Independent

A Bustang passenger on the night of March 10 reported seeing a man walk into the bathroom with a needle in his hand, stay in the bathroom for 30 to 45 minutes, then come out acting strangely.

Meeting the bus at the 27th Street stop, Glenwood Springs police said the 26-year-old suspect, Ryan Malec, appeared to be under the influence of some substance.

Malec “had a bloody nose, bloodshot eyes and extremely dilated pupils,” an officer wrote in his report.

The man slurred his speech, was staring off into space and had fresh needle marks on his arm. While being questioned, the man dropped a “plastic bag covered in a brown substance that contained a used needle and multiple needle caps,” according to an affidavit.

Asked if he had any more needles, Malec said, “I don’t know,” according to police.

Police arrested him after he reached into his jacket and failed to stop when officers asked him to, and he resisted momentarily.

In his hand they found a plastic bag containing about 65 Xanax pills. In another bag he was holding were several bundles containing, in total, eight grams of cocaine. They also found on him multiple bundles of heroin, totaling 47 grams, according to an affidavit.

In one of his pockets officers also found a loaded and uncapped needle along with three used needles that were uncapped.

The man also had $9,643.25 in cash, mostly in $100 bills, according to a police report.

He was arrested on charges of distribution of heroin, two counts of possession, and distribution of a controlled substance, all of which are drug felonies.

His arresting charges also included misdemeanor possession and misdemeanor use of a controlled substance.

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