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But for the subject …

Don Rogers

Can a lighter side be found in the grim tale of a pretty 19-year-old hometown girl’s accusations of sexual assault against a 24-year-old out-of-towner famous for being a model citizen as well as top star?

Not in the stereotypes millions see in the story: NBA monster sexually attacks young woman in swanky hotel just as soon as he can set his suitcase down. Gold-digging blonde backs hapless, 6-foot 7-inch athlete into a corner just as soon as he can set his suitcase down. And there’s the hard-charging sheriff, the dithering DA, the stalking national press, the local rube scribes, the gossipy teens (and their gossipy elders).

If you can overlook the little fact that the “affordable” homes cost $250,000-$300,000 and go up rapidly from there, well, there’s your little hick town with the one market, a “nearly everything” store and yada yada for the dramatic backdrop.

Good show, unless you happen to be living it. But there are lighter moments, too:

A San Francisco reporter who checked into the Lodge at Cordillera, no doubt on the prowl for tips, um, forgot to leave one for the bellman. The mad-cap “follow that cab (driver)” episode when word spread a cabbie who drove Bryant might hold his own press conference. He didn’t, but the mustering was humorous.

We can use these little breaks. The main show is so depressing.


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