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But… it’s how they do it in New York!

Clair Smith
Special to the DailyClair Smith talks sensibly about fashion in the winter.

The “Season” is upon us.

The time of year when the rich and the famous come to our humble valley to boost our economy and enjoy our miraculous views and recreation. With the onslaught of tourists, we are immersed in the newest fashion trends. These are encouraged by newcomers and adored by locals. Yet, miraculously ” most of the trends aren’t very logical. Take this year’s for example.

This year, fashion dictates that we take a trip back to the 80’s. A big part of that is the inclusion of leggings. In my opinion, these were never fashionable, and the fact that they’ve been resurrected just makes them more garish.

Especially since we’ve graduated to wearing them with our cute summer mini-skirts. This year is all about being able to wear your summer clothes in the winter.

However, it’s just not practical. This is VAIL. Vail is renowned for it’s snow- that is why people come here. Mini-skirts should not be worn in the winter in Vail, under any conditions. Not with leggings, not with panty hose, not with tights. The attempt at beauty also provides frozen calves and thighs.

With that in mind, the big theme this year is wearing your summer clothes in the winter. We here, in the mountains of Colorado are not made to look pretty. It’s winter, do not be ashamed to look like an Eskimo. It’s smart, warm, and provides you with the option of doing more than standing by the fire pit all day shivering uncontrollably

Finally, what’s with the boots that are running rampant this year. Yes the various styles of beige suede and fake fur make a warm, wintry-looking accessory, but they’re not logical. I went to the shoe store the other day, and found not a single pair of these with decent tread.

Winter and ice dictate that appropriate footwear shall be worn. If you slip on the ice and crack your head open wearing your mini-skirt, leggings, and tread-less boots, you can blame no one but yourself, for following fashion instead of common sense.

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