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Butch Mazzuca: Locals exceeding expectations

Isn’t it great when a person or business exceeds our expectations? And don’t you just want to tell your friends about that particular provider’s service? One of the benefits of writing for the Daily is the ability to acknowledge local businesses which, in my estimation, continually provide superior service.

Mike Mansfield is the local electrician Bobbi and I have used for years. Mike is always friendly and meticulous in his work, but it’s his customer focus that’s really impressive. To begin with, he always returns phone calls quickly, but perhaps even more importantly, after he leaves the job he always follows up within a week or so with a phone call to make sure everything he did is working as promised. That type of follow-up and concern for customer satisfaction is rare ” expectations exceeded.

While putting new tires on my Toyota Highlander, one of the managers at Big-O Tires in Avon, Gerome, noticed my wiper blades were worn and suggested I replace them. Big-O carries most standard size blades, but my rear blade was a special order item. I told Gerome I would stop by the Toyota dealership the next time I was in Glenwood and left his shop without giving the matter another thought. Then, about two weeks later I received a voice message from Gerome advising me that he had ordered the blade I needed directly from Toyota, and if I still wanted it to stop by and he would put it on for me. Thanks Gerome, you saved me a trip to Glenwood ” expectations exceeded!

Ski instructors have a perspective of the ski school that the average recreational skier may not. Having worked with each of the POD managers, I will state unequivocally that Ingie Franberg (Lionshead), Lance Wellbaum (Gold Peak) and Steve Holland (Vail Village) continually take the extra steps to ensure a positive experience for our guests. Being an instructor who puts great focus on guest satisfaction, these three outstanding managers exceed even my expectations.

Our home is contemporary, and as such we have a lot of windows, many of which are accessible only by extension ladder. Having received an estimate from our former window cleaners that included a huge price increase, I called Sigi Murrofo, owner of Eagle Window Cleaning. Sigi was out to our home to give us an estimate within two days, and after we scheduled the cleaning; his crew was on-time, did a high-quality job and managed to clean every window (interior and exterior) without leaving the slightest mess. We will use Eagle Window Cleaning for our future needs ” expectations exceeded!

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Normally I don’t comment about restaurants because each of us has specific tastes ” however, culinary delights aside, Juniper in Edwards consistently exceeds expectations. Juniper’s food is outstanding, but the service there is even better. It’s obvious that the owners/managers at Juniper put energy into exceeding their customers’ expectations, and they’ve succeeded.

Another establishment in Edwards that always exceeds expectations is Kimberly’s Jewelry. Without going into detail, let’s just say that, with my ham-hock hands, fine jewelry with its attendant clasps doesn’t stand a chance. And every time I take something I’ve “mishandled” to Kimberly’s, she or her partner Dennis make the necessary repairs without fuss, and I’m usually out of the store within minutes ” expectations exceeded.

I’ve written about Doug and Patti at Apex Appliance in the past, but they continue to exceed expectations. The last time Doug came out to the house for a service call he brought along his son ” and what a team they are. Suffice it to say that while we never look forward to seeing a “repairman,” it’s always a pleasure working with Doug.

Did anyone else need a car towed this past winter? We did, and in both cases the vehicle was in, let’s just say “an out-of-the-way location.” So it was Darin Tucholke, one of the owners of the West Vail Shell, to the rescue. Darin’s response, care and timeliness exceeded expectations.

Earlier this spring, my significant other and I were considering buying new bicycles, so we stopped by Venture Sports across from the City Market in Avon. After a few inquiries, Craig, the manager, suggested that, instead of buying new bikes, we should consider upgrading a few components on our old ones in order to save money ” an approach I found refreshing. The components we bought were relatively inexpensive, as was the labor to install them. But even though our purchases were minor, Craig and his technicians treated us as if we had just purchased two brand-new expensive bicycles. Thank you Craig and Venture Sports ” expectations exceeded!

Have you ever wondered who works out the details and organizes some of our community events such as the Memorial Day or Veterans’ Day ceremonies? There’s far more involved than meets the eye, and the president of the Freedom Park Education and Memorial Committee, Mrs. Pat Hammon, along with the leaders of the local VFW Post, Buddy Simms and John Perkins, always walk the extra mile and exceed expectations whenever the community at large is involved.

The valley is filled with numerous people who diligently work to exceed expectations ” the foregoing were just a few.

Quote of the Day: “No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you””Althea Gibson

Butch Mazzuca is a business consultant and writes a column for the Vail Daily. He can be reached at bmazz68@earthlink.net.

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