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Buy American

David Le Vine
Avon, CO, Colorado

We currently have a trade deficit of almost $700 billion a year, which means that our imports exceed our exports by that amount. What it also means is that $700 billion is transferred to foreign countries and those dollars are no longer part of our economy ” to be cycled and recycled thereby creating buyers and sellers, and most importantly, jobs.

Unfortunately we must import lots of oil which we currently need, plus computers, television sets, cameras and cell phones which we no longer produce. However we are also importing lots of other items which we also manufacture.

So what I’m suggesting is that we buy American whenever we can. Automobiles, appliances, furniture and clothing are prime examples of products where we do have some choice. When we buy American we directly create manufacturing jobs here in the United States, we also keep our dollars in circulation which creates more jobs, increases the tax base, and most certainly, helps the economy.

There can be no doubt that our economic problem is severe and our government is both lending and spending lots of our dollars with the goal being the creation of jobs. Hey, the rest of us can also help solve our mutual problem.

David Le Vine


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