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Nearly 3,000 Eagle County Hispanics… and you can’t be one of the richest counties in the world and neglect early childcare, Commissioner Arn Menconi says (See “In Search of the Hispanic Vote” Vail Trail Oct. 7 edition).I just saw a bumper sticker and it simply said “If you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.” In other wordsfigure out how you are going to care for your children BEFORE you have them. Do not put your responsibilities as parents onto your Eagle County taxpayers.Also from the article, “With over 1,000 (Hispanic) children on waiting lists and rising costs, affordable childcare is one of Eagle County is most important issues in the 2004 county commissioner elections.” These parents need to realize these are their children, they chose to give birth to them, and these children are their responsibility alone. That is a part of responsible parenting and not a part of the local taxpayer’s financial obligations to be paid using your tax dollars courtesy of the Eagle County County Commissioners. Your tax money is to be spent for the betterment of your entire county, not a select few for their personal gains.To close, while I was visiting here I listened on the radio to a Hispanic mother saying she wants to be able to vote because “much more public (welfare) services needs to be made available for her family” in Eagle County. Perhaps she is one of the ones Hector de la Rosa was talking about when he said, “Most of the illegals (aliens), they are afraid to get together in a meeting.” Perhaps that is not as bad as it sounds.Look to California on a lesson learned regarding welfare money, benefits and the cost to taxpayers living there. Not to mention hospitals going belly-up right and left. Of course, my state has a new plan. They are going to tax (some more) the taxpayers to bail out the hospital’s costs of uninsured, undocumented patients, thus ensuring that the hospitals will stay in business as well as ensuring that the illegal aliens will continue to receive “more public benefits” to which they are entitled.Maybe that is Eagle County’s future too; it rather sounds like it. “Caveat Emptor” Eagle County taxpayers, or Buyer Beware. It is headed your way now.Martha HurlbertSan Clemente, Calif.Wrong wordRegarding your headline: “When in doubt, journalists and voters turn cynical” (see Vail Trail edition 10/7) you should have used the word columnists, editorialists, or commentators instead of journalists.But I guess you have been conditioned to not realize there is a difference, since every “news” article in the Trail is an editorial masquerading as a “news story.”At least Cacioppo has the guts and honesty to say what he writes is his opinion or he labels it as an editorial. Al WaysrightDeception on the water frontI recently heard a radio ad attacking my candidacy for Senate District 8. This ad, paid for by an anti-public school group from Michigan, claims that I cannot be trusted with Western Slope water because of my vote on the Reapportionment Commission in 2001. This special interest group from Michigan couldn’t tell a mountain from a molehill and doesn’t have the right to deceive Western Slope voters about my record.I want to clear the air on this issue. The Colorado Supreme Court accurately required that we follow the state constitution, which resulted in the current layout of senate districts. The chairperson of the Reapportionment Committee, Rosemary Rodriguez, was appalled by these attacks and publicly stated in a letter last week that she “can assure you that Jay Fetcher, a life-long rancher, would never vote to move the head waters out of the Western Slope.”As a life-long rancher, my livelihood depends on our water. The Elk River flows through our family ranch and we still drink from its streams. I learned all I know about water from my father, John Fetcher, who is well respected in Colorado for water protection. I intimately know the value of our water, both for agriculture and tourism. I served on the Statewide Water Supply Initiative and on the board of the Colorado Water Trust. I have a long history of working to protect our precious resources. I am the founder of the Colorado Cattleman’s Agricultural Land Trust, which protects over 160,000 acres of farm and ranch land around the state. I have been nationally recognized for this work and also received Governor Romer’s Smart Growth award in 1996.My opponent, Jack Taylor, sings a different tune. He has received a “F-” from the Colorado Conservation Voters, the worst state senate voting record of 2004. Taylor was recently criticized by the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel for being an “anti-wildlife zealot.” He also opposes Amendment 37, the Renewable Energy Amendment, and has continually voted with big business when it comes to land conservation. In a district that depends on its natural resources, I think we can do better than this.I don’t know what motivates Senator Taylor to vote the way he does. What I do know is that he has received thousands of dollars from oil and gas interests, big real estate developers and big tobacco. In contrast, I am not taking any special interest money. It looks like the folks in Michigan that are criticizing my commitment to the Western Slope need to get their facts straight.I have always and will always stand up for the Western Slope. I will always work to protect and preserve our water, our land, and our natural resources. I am the only independent voice for the Western Slope running in this race. With each Taylor special interest attack ad, this couldn’t be clearer than the streams that run through our mountains.Sincerely,Jay FetcherCandidate for State Senate

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