Bypass lets fish get past Colorado dam |

Bypass lets fish get past Colorado dam

PALISADE, Colo. ” Four types of endangered Colorado River fish can now get past a western Colorado dam through a just-completed bypass.

The 900-foot-long passage, made of 190 concrete cylinders, lets humpback chubs, bonytails, Colorado pikeminnows and razorback suckers get past the Price-Stubb Diversion Dam near the town of Palisade.

The milestone was announced Wednesday by the Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program.

The dam was the last remaining obstacle on the river between Lake Powell in southern Utah and Rifle, Colo., at the upper end of the fishes’ critical habitat.

Rifle is about 50 miles upstream from the Price-Stubb dam. The endangered fish hadn’t been able to get above the 8-foot-high dam since it was finished in 1911.

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