Byron Pottorff |

Byron Pottorff

Sport: Basketball

Age: 15

Class of: 2008

What’s the best thing about Winter Break? Sleeping late and skiing.

What’s your favorite class and why? Woods, because you make things with your hands and when your done you feel accomplished and have a great piece of furniture.

What’s the best thing about your sport? Buzzer beaters and the kicks.

What’s something that you’ve personally done recently to prepare for your season? Practicing at home and keeping in shape.

What’s the most embarrassing and/or funniest thing that’s happened to you in your sport? In middle school, I was inbounding the ball and I stepped over the line three times in a row.

Your idea of the perfect meal is … Everything except seafood and diet soda.

Who’s your role model and why? Earl Boykins, because he’s small and has crazy skills.

Sprints or push-ups? Sprints.

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