Cabbies rue new rule limiting taxes at Denver airport |

Cabbies rue new rule limiting taxes at Denver airport

Jeffrey Leib
The Denver Post
Denver, CO Colorado

DENVER, Colorado “-Denver International Airport has started limiting the number of taxis that are allowed to pick up travelers at the airport daily to 201, but some drivers say the quota will cause many area cab drivers to lose income.

DIA is limiting taxi entry to the airport’s ground- transportation staging lot because “too many have been serving the airport and too few serving the rest of the area,” said Patrick Heck, deputy DIA manager for revenue development.

By having too many cabs, DIA also must “build facilities to hold and maintain” this excessive number, Heck added.

A taxi study of metro Denver prepared last year found that DIA is served primarily by 384 taxis and that “after they leave the airport with a fare, they will drop their passenger(s) off and immediately return to the airport empty and get back in line.”

“These drivers do not typically utilize their radios” for home calls or “dispatch trips offered to serve other taxi markets within the community.”

Freedom Cab driver Stan Howton, who organized a protest Monday of DIA’s new plan, said the policy will be “putting 200 to 300 hard-working people out of work.”

Howton, who soon will start driving for Union Taxi, said he used to serve the airport five or six days a week yet now will be limited to “two days at most” at DIA.

“They’re cutting into my return business,” the 61-year-old Howton said, referring to airport customers who take his business card after a trip from DIA and call on him again.

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