Cable-box cutting case closed in Edwards |

Cable-box cutting case closed in Edwards

Dustin Racioppi
Edwards, CO Colorado

EDWARDS, Colorado “-An Edwards, Colorado woman believes a neighbor she’s had past problems with is the reason she lost her cable last week.

The 55-year-old called Eagle County police after realizing her cable wasn’t working and tried several troubleshoots with the cable company. When police arrived, a cable technician was outside the duplex home and found the cause of the problem ” the coaxial cable had been cut.

According to the sheriff’s report, the cable guy had seen lots of cut cables in all his years working for the company, and this particular case looked deliberate considering the cable’s clean, 3-foot cut, he said. He also said the cable box was hanging off the outside wall of the home, which he said is no easy task considering it’s mounted with eight screws.

The woman thought her 62-year-old neighbor was the perpetrator of the sneaky slashing because in the past, he’s accused her dog of attacking him. She told police she’s also found dog feces and vegetables on her porch “-unwelcomed gifts she believes came from him.

Police questioned the man, who was at the local business he owns. He admitted the two have had squabbles in the past, but said he’s an adult and wouldn’t indulge in a childish trick, the report shows.

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He added that he and his wife are building a new home somewhere else, mostly to avoid neighborly disputes such as he has in the past. He wasn’t surprised, though, that the woman fingered him as the one who disrupted her cable service, he told police.

Because of a lack of leads, police have closed the case.

EAGLE, Colorado ” A 31-year-old Eagle, Colorado man is facing felony menacing charges after he reportedly threatened a neighbor with a large framing hammer.

The confrontation took place shortly after 9 p.m. on Sunday. The victim, a 37-year old man, told the cops that he had some long-standing issues with the suspect.

According to the incident report filed by the Eagle cops, the victim was out on his front porch smoking a cigarette and talking on his telephone when the other man came out of an adjacent home, shouting crude slurs and calling the victim’s wife offensive names. The man appeared drunk.

The victim told the cops that he ended the phone call, then attempted to go inside his home to avoid a confrontation. The man blocked his way.

The victim said he pushed the man, who lost his balance and fell. The man then got up, grabbed a hammer, and advanced on the victim.

The victim told police he was scared so he grabbed a large broom from his truck, and warned the man to back off.

According to the report, the man dropped the hammer, but kept up the insults and continued to block the victim’s way. Finally, the victim pushed him aside, went inside his house and called police.

The responding officer quickly located the man, who was drunk, incoherent, and had trouble walking. The man claimed that he was the victim in the case, and said the altercation had happened at a nearby restaurant.

He was taken into custody and charged with felony menacing and harassment.

” Eagle Valley Enterprise

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