Caitlin Mutter VCHS |

Caitlin Mutter VCHS

Team:Basketball, dance team, student council

Class of: 2008

Coach(es): Paul Doughty, Randy Morris,Tim Pearson,Ashley Terwilliger, Julie Haller

Lucky charm or trademark: My height

Ski or Snowboard: Snowboard

Favorite celebrity or athlete: Earl Boykins, because he is so little yet sill is so successful against players that seem twice his size.

I look up to: My sister, Lauren, because she played most of the sports that I play now and was very successful in all of them. She always kept a smile on her face and has a positive outlook on life!

With a million bucks: I’d probably buy myself a car and then go shopping.Then I would give money to our school that would go to help building our new campus. BB

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