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Caitlin Rose Wall

Nickname: TacoHow many years in valley: 17Parent(s): Kevin & Patty WallSibling(s): Sarah, 24 and Brigid, 21I was named Caitlin because: They liked it, and it’s a good Irish name.If I would have been a boy, I was going to be: ZacharyI’m sick of hearing my parent(s) say: Have you gotten that application done?I admire: My old skating coach and a wonderful friend. She inspires me and can always give great advice.My best memory during high school is: Homecoming freshman year!?!Most people don’t know that I: Have never swam in an ocean.Next year I’m going to miss: My best friend Jodi, my skier buddies and the great teachers (seriously).I’m looking forward to: College!I can’t believe: Seniors have to take finals.Root Beer or Orange soda: Root beer Favorite meal: Steak & potatoesFavorite music or artist: Country Music – but favorite artist is Dave Matthews.Advice for younger students: Live life to the fullest. Have fun because it goes too fast. Set your goals and achieve your dreams.

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