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Calendar klutziness

Don Rogers

Oh, the perils of the calendar listings. This feature is among the best read parts of the paper. Naturally, with as many submissions as pour in, it’s also just about the easiest to fumble at this end of the exchange.

Generally, the biggest headaches come from having more submissions than room to print them on a given day, along with those folks who send in their item knowing for a certainty that their event or solicitation is by far the most important one.

The fairest course is to put the

“Miscellaneous” items in rotation with the others, and follow that rotation closely in the master template. As for the submissions for the specific date part of the calendar, well, they go under the date and then show up in print as the dates ahead of the event pass.

Occasionally, an event will wind up by mistake under the wrong date. Yikes. Usually, an attentive submitter sets us straight right away.

And so it was with Vail Mountain School’s annual holiday dinner. Somehow we placed the event scheduled for Saturday (tonight) instead under Friday’s listing. A call was placed, the calendar listing was moved – to Sunday’s listing, ugh!

In today’s paper, providence willing, it will be in its correct slot. It had to be difficult for the folks at Vail Mountain School for their listing to hopscotch between wrong days, and we feel terrible about this. We can only apologize for now, and resolve to work hard in the future to keep such errors as infrequent as possible.

Local goddess

This is no mistake: Vail’s Sue Nott made Outside magazine’s 25 Sports Adventure Goddesses Who Rule in December’s issue.

Sure, Outside missed a few other local women who definitely belong on this list. Everest climber Ellen Miller and world-class distance runner and snowshoer Anita Ortiz spring to mind.

But Nott’s story, as told by Mark Jenkins in her section, is amazing, especially the part about a swift comeback after a tower of ice crushed her abdomen and severed an intestine during a climb in Vail in 1999.

She managed to be alpine climbing in Peru two months later. “Staples were practically popping out of her stomach,” fellow climber John Varco told Jenkins. This is one tough lady.

Army needs you

No, not that Army. The Salvation Army is seeking bell-ringers to help with fund-raising this holiday season for this army can do its fine work assisting those less fortunate than most of us.

Call 926-3704 to help out.


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