Calendar queens battle breast cancer |

Calendar queens battle breast cancer

Special to the DailyThe Girls of e-town calendar benefits the fight against breast cancer.

EDWARDS – As you’re perusing the Girls of E-town calendar, which you’ll do early and often, remember it’s a fundraiser for the fight against breast cancer.

Yes, we understand you’re generally happy being who and what you are, but for a brief moment, viewers may want to be Maggie’s rose petals …

And the motorcycle on which Jessica is statuesque …

And Gretchen’s, Natia’s and Ali’s surf boards …

And Lisa-Marie’s martini shaker …

And, well … you get the idea. Pick a month and you’ll want to be that.

You do not get to be Kyle, e-town’s only guy server and who, in November, is surrounded by beautiful women wearing cowboy boots and cutoffs in a manner that remains illegal in most Southern states. Kyle, it should be noted, does not serve actual guys to e-town patrons.

Jessica Dianne-Cates and Signe Jones came up with the idea one night after work, enjoying a glass of wine and talking about classic Hollywood movies. They decided they wanted to do something for someone, that they would do this and make it part of the war against breast cancer.

And, oh my, never has warfare looked so wonderful.

“It’s tasteful yet sexy. We had a blast doing it,” Jones said. “All the girls had input on their own poses, and that’s why it came out so well. It’s a fun way to support the fight against breast cancer.”

They did it all in one marathon day in e-town. Photographer Billy Doran donated his time, as did makeup artist Jill Burlingame.

“Jill made everyone look outstanding. Those two made the calendar,” Jones said. “All we had to do was pose.”

“Everyone had a blast. It was fun getting all dolled up,” Cates said. “Jill Burlingame really nailed the pinup girl style.”

The women are all part of the e-town wait staff, a testament to whoever does their hiring.

When Cates and Jones pitched the idea to the rest of the e-town crew, they couldn’t jump on board fast enough.

“We asked the girls to be part of it, and they were gung-ho when they were told it was for breast cancer,” Jones said. “It takes a lot of guts to do this, but they were all fantastic.”

After the photo shoot, they narrowed everything down to about six pictures of every girl and made their final selection.

“All these girls are so beautiful, it made it pretty easy,” Jones said.

The calendar party starts today around 6 p.m., and the music starts at 9 p.m.

The calendar girls will raffle and auction things like wine tastings at the Churchill winery, gym memberships, dinner packages with chefs, and possibly a date with one of the calendar girls – possibly.

“It’s the debut. No one has seen the calendar until now,” Cates said.

They’re $20, and never has Andrew Jackson been in such delectable company. Besides e-town, the calendars are available at different places around town. It’s worth the search.

“We’ll have a lot of the girls here at the party,” Cates said. “If someone wants the calendar signed, they’ll be around to do it.”

The calendar and these women are good; breast cancer is bad. They wanted the money to stay local, so they’re partnering with the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

Breast cancer touches everyone, breaking hearts and bodies in its wake, Cates said. People are fine one day, but worse and worse the next time you see them. Then they’re gone.

“We decided to do it through the Shaw Regional Cancer Center because the money actually goes to the patients, and not to some group that’s going to use the money for more fundraising, and not to the patients,” Cates said.

“We wanted the money to stay in town,” Jones said. “It’ll be used for people who cannot afford treatment or mammograms, for equipment the Shaw Center might need, or anything that will advance the fight.”

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