Calif. bills would mandate ski helmets for minors |

Calif. bills would mandate ski helmets for minors

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Minors hitting the slopes in California would be required to wear helmets under two measures approved by state lawmakers.

The bills, SB880 and AB1652, would mandate helmets for skiers and snowboarders under the age of 18. If either passes, California’s helmet law would be the nation’s most restrictive.

AB1652 also would require ski resorts to file annual safety plans and issue monthly reports about injuries and deaths. The Senate version includes no such requirements for resorts but says helmet-law violators would face a $25 fine.

Supporters call the bills an important public safety measure akin to the state’s bicycle helmet law.

SB880 passed with a 21-13 vote Tuesday and now moves to the Assembly. AB1652 was approved 41-28 and goes to the Senate.

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