California woman still California dreamin’ in Eagle County jail |

California woman still California dreamin’ in Eagle County jail

Sonia Sovereign
Special to the Daily

EAGLE — Sonia Sovereign said Monday that she just wanted to get back to California. It’ll be three years before she returns to the Golden State.

Soveriegn pleaded guilty to DUI and violating her bond by stealing a pickup truck, running from law enforcement and crashing into a Colorado State Patrol vehicle during the chase. All this she did while facing other felony charges in California.

Her blood test revealed a “cocktail of drugs,” alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and others, Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Kirwan said during Monday’s plea hearing.

According to court testimony, Sovereign had every intention of heading west and asked a man for a ride that way. The man, though, said he was headed to Canon City and went back into his motel room to retrieve some of his possessions.

He stepped out of the motel room to see Sovereign speeding away in his vehicle. A police chase ensued.

Sovereign asked for community corrections — where she can hold a job and get treatment — instead of prison. District Court Judge Russell Granger saw things her way and sentenced her to three years.

Texas man twice takes a circuitous route to jail

Zachery Rozelle was busted in Vail with a white powdery substance in his truck that police were pretty sure was not baking soda.

That was January 2018. Since then Rozelle has taken a couple of circuitous trips from Texas to the Eagle County jail, where he currently resides held on $30,000 bond for failure to comply.

According to court records, when one of Rozelle’s friends bonded him out of jail in 2018, Rozelle left for Texas, violating the terms of his bond for leaving the state without permission.

Rozelle was supposed to be making court appearances in Eagle County but allegedly sent one of his friends from Gypsum to those court appearances, pretending he was Rozelle, while Rozelle stayed in Texas, thus giving Rozelle a head start in life on the lam.

That sort of scheme is called “criminal impersonation,” and Rozelle was busted and returned to the Eagle County jail. The private security companies that transfer prisoners tend to take a circuitous route. From Texas, the company might take two weeks and stop by Arkansas to pick up a prisoner, swing down to Oklahoma to drop one off, and then head to Colorado … all with Rozelle and other prisoners along for the ride in the company’s van.

“I’ve been told that it’s one of life’s most miserable experiences,” Keith Hawkins with Eagle County Bail Bonds said.

Rozelle was one of Hawkins’ bond clients. When someone jumps bail and bolts, the bonding company tracks them down and pays to have them brought back.

“We do all this at zero cost to the taxpayer,” Hawkins said.

Rozelle apparently did not mind the ride that much. After he jumped bail again, he headed back to Texas, which made him a fugitive from Eagle County … again.

Hawkins tracked him to Bimbo’s Beer and Grill, a honky-tonk bar outside Houston.

Law enforcement officials in the Houston area loaded Rozelle into another prisoner transport van for a second trip along the circuitous route from Houston to Eagle County.

He’s back in the Eagle County jail and made his latest court appearance Monday morning before District Court Judge Russell Granger.

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