Call the Thought Police |

Call the Thought Police

Terry Quinn
Vail, CO, Colorado

Cassie Perlmutter believes in P.C. She says, “Yes, the practice of using terminology appropriate for 2009 is a deliberate act.”

What may have been appropriate words before are no longer acceptable. This is not just a fashion thing, like clothes or hairstyles, that you are free to adopt or not as you choose.

With P.C., if you say the wrong word, you are a bad person. Call the Thought Police.

Cassie Perlmutter does not indicate who decides these matters. Is there some committee that meets for lunch once a month and goes through the dictionary, adding and deleting acceptable terminology?

I thought we were supposed to “celebrate diversity.”

Actually, that’s just one of the left’s cons.

It’s acceptable free speech to burn a flag, insert a cross into a vat of urine or shout obscenities.

But we need speech codes on campus, the fairness doctrine on airwaves and thugs to set upon speakers with inappropriate views. So much for the First Amendment.

Terry Quinn


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