Call to cops backfires for Vail Valley woman |

Call to cops backfires for Vail Valley woman

Dustin Racioppi
Vail, CO Colorado

By Dustin Racioppi

VAIL VALLEY, Colorado ” No one smoking crack could be found on Jan. 6 in Colorado’s Vail Valley, but deputies didn’t have trouble finding somebody to take to jail that night.

Deputies responded to Stone Creek Drive after receiving a call from a woman who said there were two men at the rear of an apartment building on that street smoking crack. When deputies got there, there was no sign of people or crack.

A man who lived there walked out and asked what they were doing sniffing around his backyard. Deputies told them they received the report, and when they mentioned the name of the woman who made it, a little light bulb went off in the man’s head.

He told deputies that that woman was his ex-girlfriend and she’s been a weirdo lately by calling him up to 10 times a day threatening him. He said in one voicemail message to him, she threatened to bring three of her friends over to his friends house in Eagle-Vail and beat him up. She said she was going to video tape it and have fun, he told deputies.

Deputies called the woman back and told her to stop threatening the man.

A few minutes later, she called and threatened the man, the sheriff’s report said.

After that, deputies went to her apartment to talk to her, but it didn’t last long. She made claims that the man owed her $6,000 and he broke her ribs, but she was soon in handcuffs and heading to Eagle County Detention Facility for harassment and domestic violence.

EAGLE COUNTY ” A 38-year-old woman lost her fanny pack and all the valuables stuffed inside it on Jan. 3 while sitting in a plane that would never take off.

She was sitting in the delayed plane at Eagle County Regional Airport for about an hour that day until the flight was canceled and the passengers got off the plane. When she opened up her carry-on bag later, she noticed the green fanny pack she had inside was gone.

What was inside the fanny pack was more important than the convenient waist garment. The woman reported missing a $6,000 stainless steel Rolex watch, a platinum wedding band estimated at $1,500 and a men’s link chain estimated to be worth $500.

Searches by deputies and the airline were unsuccessful.

VAIL ” Receiving scalding coffee to the stomach shortly after you wake will teach you to not have a mind of your own.

For purchasing insurance on the family’s home without her husband’s permission, that was one woman’s penalty.

The sheriff’s report said the couple were sitting at breakfast discussing the home’s insurance and the husband said he didn’t want insurance right away. The wife broke the news that she went ahead and got it already, which sent the man into a fit. He threw his coffee at her and stomped up the stairs to his room.

The wife told deputies she’s had enough of his abuse and accepted their offer for victim services and putting the man in jail for domestic violence and harassment.

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