Calling all singles in the Vail Valley |

Calling all singles in the Vail Valley

Sarah Mausolfsmausolf@vaildaily.comVail CO, Colorado
AE auction 1 KA 11-20-07

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado Theres no denying the mountains are a mecca for young, unattached skiers and snowboarders.Theres always new people coming into the valley, 30-year-old Edwards resident Steven Osani said.Still, some guys say that when it comes to Vails dating scene, theyre at a statistical disadvantage.I havent seen many girls, 21-year-old Vail resident Ruben Reblin said. I mean, the ratios 5-to-1.And the few single girls in the valley fly off the market, Osani added.If you are single in the valley and you dont get a girlfriend right away, youre not going to get one because they get snagged right away, he said.Even with all these single men up for grabs, though, some ladies say quantity is not always the same thing as quality.Its easier to meet guys, but still harder to find good guys, 22-year-old Vail resident Brittany Artz said.We at the Vail Daily and TV8 think we can find them. Were searching up valley, down valley and everywhere in between for the hottest bachelors and bachelorettes.Are you one of them?Drop by Loaded Joes in Avon Wednesday night to nominate yourself or a friend. Nominees will receive an invitation to a singles mixer, where they can meet our judges.If you win, well interview you and splash your adorable mug in the newspaper. The best part?Proceeds for the event flow to charity. Well auction off dates with the top five bachelors and bachelorettes next month, and give the proceeds to the Vail Valley Salvation Army.

But wait a second how will we spot a winner? Artz said our top bachelors should be motivated, respectful and stylish. Not just the zip-up sweatshirt, hat, typical snowboarder guy, she said. If hes a good dresser, hes someone to consider.

When it comes to picking our bachelorettes, Osani said we should choose girls who are fun, outgoing and well-groomed.Does this sound like you? Dont be shy about strutting your stuff in our contest.We at the Vail Daily received nearly 60 nominations last year and the candidates were so enticing, we struggled to narrow them down. Judges eventually picked bachelors Chaun Powell, Keegan Winkeller, Tom F Stickney II, Gabe Hogan and John Childers. Our bachelorettes were Marie Gustafson, Jenna Johansen, Kristin LeFevre, Corey Lamothe and Maria Sison.Powell said starring in the auction was a fun way to raise money for charity. Although the contest itself didnt generate tons of dates, Powell, who remains single, said it has sparked conversation.It definitely made people aware that I was single and available, the 27-year-old West Vail resident said. It was funny, people Google me now and I hear this a couple dates in and theyre like So, you dont like smokers, huh? because that was my big red flag from last year, he said in reference to his answer to the question What are your dealbreakers? in a Vail Daily Q&A.Powell offers this advice for bachelor hopefuls:Put yourself out there and nobody likes vanilla, he said. So no one wants someone whos too boring. They wants someone with a little character, a little pizzazz.High Life Writer Sarah Mausolf can be reached at 970-748-2938 or

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