Campfire ignites trees near Piney |

Campfire ignites trees near Piney

Cliff Thompson

The fire was reported by hunters Monday night and is burning slowly in dense timber inside the Eagles Nest Wilderness. Fire crews expect to reach the fire tomorrow.

Fires in wilderness areas typically are allowed to burn, under the proper set of conditions, but because this is a human-caused fire, it will be extinguished.

“It’s dry, but in that timber, until you get some wind, it will probably creep around in the pine needles and not do very much,” said Phil Bowden, a federal fire officer.

The fire is less than 1/10th of an acre in size, and has been difficult to find because it isn’t creating very much smoke, Bowden said.

A fire earlier in the week was extinguished south of Edwards on Casteel Creek, a tributary of East Lake Creek.

Lightning 10 days ago ignited a tree which smoldered until fanning into flames yesterday. It was extinguished after burning less than 1/10th of an acre, Bowden said.

The weather forecast is calling for some moisture this weekend, the first in two weeks.

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