Cancer hits home |

Cancer hits home

John Wolnik, Eagle

My name is John Wolnik. I have a small business called Johnny Be Good Services. We specialize in small in-state household moves. Being a 20-year local and five years as Johnny Be Good, I thought I had been inside most of the prominent residential and commercial buildings in the valley. Wrong! The building in mind is the Shaw Cancer Center in Edwards. We all pass by it and rarely notice or think about the importance of the place until there’s a need.

My story is about the big “C” word. That’s right, cancer. At 50 years of age, my wife, Robin, gave me for my birthday the gift of life. In better terms, she insisted I have a physical exam including a colonoscopy. The test turned out to be positive for rectal cancer. I promptly started my battle to fight back. My type of cancer involved radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and more chemo. Well, it looks like the battle was won. One year later, I have been pronounced cancer free. Much credit goes to my care providers, family and friends.

I would like to thank the fine and qualified people of the Shaw Cancer Center and the crew of Mountain Surgical Associates. These are some of the most professional and kind people you could ever meet. I acknowledge them for giving me back my life.

Special thanks, also, to the generous people of the Swift Eagle Charitable Fund, the Vail Valley Charitable Fund and Karin’s of Beaver Creek for their contributions in my time of need. Robin and I feel blessed.

Remember, early detection is key. Again, thanks to all for granting me another day.

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