Candidate eager to give back to rec district |

Candidate eager to give back to rec district

Steve Miller
NWS Rec Candidate Hall BH 3-23 Vail Daily/Bret Hartman Michelle Hall is running for a seat on the Vail Recreation District Board. The election is May 4.

Name: Michelle Hall

Age: 42

Occupation: acquisitions/inter-library Loans for Eagle Valley Library District’s Avon


In 200 words or less, why did you decide to run for the Vail Recreation District board?

Because my family has been involved with at least six VRD programs over the span of 15 years. With and without kids, I feel that recreation is an important and necessary lifetime activity. The VRD has offered quality programs that I would like to keep and also help make any changes and additions that come with a changing community.

After being involved with trying to get the indoor recreation facility built at Red Sandstone Elementary School for the last couple of years, I believe that any facility VRD builds has more uses for all ages than people realize.

I would like to contribute to the facilities and programs that have been very good to our family and hope that we continue to have the same great choices, and maybe more, as we get older. I hope any new resident can benefit like we did as they become part of the community.


1) The rec district and Vail Town Council are sometimes at odds over goals and objectives. What should the rec district do to foster better relations with the town? What would you like to see the Town Council do?

I have had many communications via e-mail, in person and by telephone with town council members over several years and would welcome the chance to work with them. I think they have been very receptive and have put some good effort into helping the VRD with some of their issues.

2) Should the recreation district remain an independent entity, or would it be better off as a town agency, as it was before 1993?

That’s a question the voters need to answer.

3) What are the recreation district’s top three priorities? Why?

I don’t know enough about that right now to comment.

4) How much more should district taxpayers be expected to pay for VRD services?

That’s a question the voters need to answer. Personally, I would pay more to support issues like building the indoor recreation facility and would be willing to do the same thing for the golf course, once I know more about it, because our family golfs.

5) How does the VRD fit in to the valley’s overall recreation scene? What changes would you like to see?

I think the VRD is unique because it offers activities that are unique to mountain living. I think VRD fits in with the valley as a partner to share what each does best. The only change I can see making now is to help people change their perception of some programs and not only see what VRD has now, but the potential some of programs and buildings have in the future for all ages. There are some issues now that need to be resolved so VRD can move on and make these changes.

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