Candidates discuss plans for campaign fundraising |

Candidates discuss plans for campaign fundraising

Scott N. Miller
Roger Brown

EAGLE COUNTY – Campaign spending gets a lot of attention at the state and national levels, but it’s also important in local races.The three people running to replace Eagle County Commissioner Tom Stone – who leaves office in January due to term limits – are raising and spending money this fall. This week’s question deals with that.The Vail Daily is asking the three county commissioner candidates one question a week until the Nov. 7 election. To submit a question to the candidates, e-mail week’s question: It generally takes several thousand dollars to win an Eagle County Commissioner’s seat. How much do you think you’ll need and who are you asking for contributions?

I’m told I will need $20,000 to run a conventional campaign but I hope to get along on less. I plan to approach advertising as I did with my display in the various town parades. I used a bicycle rather than a SUV. It was less expensive and more to the point.Contributions are coming in from friends and believers in my approach to the issues. I am giving away my book, “Requiem for the West,” to people who contribute $28 or more to my campaign, and at some events I am giving the book away free. The book, which was written before I decided to get into politics, has a lot of Eagle County history and Vail’s story from the beginning (I came to Vail in 1961). “Requiem” describes many of the county’s problems. As a commissioner my job will be to find solutions, and mitigation, for those problems.

I do not have a target amount of what will be necessary to carry on my campaign and to “win an Eagle County Commissioner’s seat.” I will work with what I get, just as I would work within the budget as a county commissioner, to do the most with the funds available. I am asking for contributions from everyone who feels it is important to elect a qualified candidate that will bring balance to the board of county commissioners and that includes all those reading this article. Rather than asking how much each candidate will spend and who they are going to ask for contributions, the Vail Daily would better serve voters of Eagle County by asking issue-related questions. Such questions as how each candidate is addressing growth, open space, housing, land use, transportation, recreation, water, representation, county relations and economic sustainability are but a few of the pertinent issues facing the county that voters are more likely to be concerned about. Among other things, we need to work toward solutions that will allow those living here to be comfortable with staying and allow their children to have the opportunities necessary to be able to remain in Eagle County.

Even simple campaigns cost money and though I am far from extravagant, I welcome and rely on the financial support of Eagle County residents who share my beliefs. We need to have a healthy and diverse economy that keeps working families in our communities. We should be planning future transportation strategies to keep traffic flowing and offer sensible alternatives in a timely manner. County government, at its best, should provide wise leadership with a strong spirit of collaboration with all our towns. If you agree with these ideas, then it is your support that will make my campaign successful. Please call me at 524-0223 or write me at P.O. Box 223, Gypsum, CO 81637.

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