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Candidate’s lawyer rejects harassment allegations

Steve Lynn
Vail, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado ” The defense attorney for state House candidate Muhammad Ali Hasan denied harassment allegations made by Hasan’s former girlfriend and publicist Alison Miller, who is seeking a permanent restraining order.

“The allegations she made are mischaracterized, taken out of context and untrue,” Greg Daniels, Hasan’s Denver-based attorney, said after a court hearing Monday.

Hasan, a Beaver Creek Republican who is running to represent Eagle County in House District 56, and Miller appeared in Eagle County Court Monday morning.

Miller, a former Vail Daily reporter, filed a temporary restraining order against Hasan March 3.

On Monday, Hasan agreed not to attend several upcoming Republican events that Miller, a member of Eagle County Young Republicans, also plans to attend. Daniels said that Hasan wants to resolve the case quickly because Hasan is campaigning and running for office.

Hasan cannot be within 100 yards of Miller or her children and must stay away from her home and workplace, according to the order. He can be jailed if he violates it.

Miller accused Hasan of harassing her by text message and attempting to break into her e-mail. “I was made aware by a friend that Muhammad had hired a company to acquire the passwords to all three of my e-mail accounts,” Miller wrote in a court petition.

Miller also said Hasan repeatedly “demanded” that she sign a waiver saying she would not sue him for hiring a company to break into her e-mail accounts, according to the court petition.

She also alleges Hasan kept tabs on her whereabouts and shows up unannounced despite being asked to stop.

Miller filed for the restraining order after Hasan asked that a sheriff’s deputy call her, and then disconnected her phone.

No physical assault or threats were reported.

Hasan and Miller broke up in February and Hasan wanted his laptop back, so he asked the sheriff’s deputy to call Miller, Daniels said.

“He wasn’t otherwise getting his laptop back,” Daniels said.

As for Miller’s allegation that Hasan “demanded” that she sign “waivers of liability” three times, Daniels said “the context is mischaracterized by Ms. Miller.”

“I have specific evidence that she requested to be able to sign one ” at least one ” of (the liability waivers),” Daniels said.

As for the text messages Hasan allegedly sent to Miller, Daniels denied that they were harassing and he also rejected the rest of Miller’s allegations.

“It doesn’t have any merit at all,” Daniels said about Miller’s case.

Hasan and Miller declined comment after the hearing.

Miller’s attorney, Rohn Robbins, said some of the incidents took place before Hasan and Miller broke up and some took place afterward.

Hasan would show up to meet Miller unannounced at times when there was no way for Hasan to know where she was unless someone had followed her, Robbins said.

“The means and methods I have no idea,” Robbins said.

Miller has to prove that she has a “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical or emotional harm,” for a judge to grant a permanent restraining order against Hasan, Robbins said.

A hearing on the permanent restraining order was set for Monday, but was rescheduled for March 19 after attorneys agreed they needed more time to review the case.

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