Candidates make final pitch |

Candidates make final pitch

MUG Nelson, D DT 9-18-12

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Campaign season is nearly over. That means the five candidates running for two seats on the Eagle County Board of Commissioners have time to answer one more question:

Election Day is Tuesday. Make one last, quick pitch for your candidacy.

On Tuesday, you will decide who will serve as your next commissioner. This campaign season has reinforced my belief in our community. I have had the privilege of speaking with many of you and look forward to serving you as county commissioner.

As the independent candidate in this election, I am often asked why I didn’t run affiliated with one of the major parties. I am doing this as an independent because I believe the two-party system has failed us. Also, I am concerned about the lack of focus the current commissioners have had on our local economy.

As a small-business owner, I will work with the towns, chambers and businesses to broaden and strengthen our local economy. I believe that if we create an environment where entrepreneurs can succeed, and develop vibrant communities, we are all better off.

While campaigning, I have spoken with those on both sides of the political spectrum and have been told that they look forward to working with me. I will bring a collaborative working environment to the table.

If you are tired of the status quo, you have the ability to make a difference. This year, Eagle County has the opportunity to elect a truly independent candidate as commissioner. I would appreciate your vote and look forward to serving as your county commissioner.

I am grateful for the people I have met along the campaign trail. As an elected official, I will be here for you. I am open to new ideas and feedback, both good and bad, and promise to act accordingly.

I have the experience and background for this job. As a former department head and current planning commissioner, I have intimate knowledge of the inner workings of Eagle County, including complex budgeting and land-use files. I also have strong relationships with the towns, elected officials, department directors and county partners. I can hit the ground running.

Additionally, I have the strongest position on the environment. We need to be intentional about conservation and the protection of wildlife and river health. I will evaluate each land-use file based on how it contributes to our quality of life, both today and 50 years from now, and not just the economic benefits in the short term.

Finally, residents care about economic development. The county can play a lead role in making our area more accessible to visitors and attracting new types of industry. This will be a priority.

If you haven’t voted yet, please vote for me! If you still have a mail-in ballot, drop it off at a county building by 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Over the course of this campaign, I have emphasized my commitment to people, my passion for our mountain lifestyle, my vision and my experience.

My experience includes working collaboratively with decision-makers in the business, government and nonprofit sectors over the course of 30 years right here in Eagle County. My fiscally conservative approach will reassure taxpayers that we’re getting the most efficient organization possible. I have a master’s degree in public administration that helps me understand and evaluate the complexities of government.

My vision is one of an increasingly diverse and sustainable Eagle County economy, while at the same time supporting our traditional economic engines: tourism, recreation, events, real estate and construction. It is government that doesn’t have all the answers but works effectively with other entities, be they towns, special districts, non-profits and/or the private sector, to create and take advantage of opportunities.

My passion for and commitment to people – our citizens, business owners and guests – is evident in my long history of working with charities and nonprofits to address problems effectively and creatively. I have what it takes to preserve and build upon what we have.

I am incredibly fortunate and thankful that I have been able to live in, and serve, Eagle County and its communities for most of my adult life. I am excited by the prospect of continuing that service as your next Eagle County commissioner. Thank you for your confidence!

Right here, right now, you have the opportunity to choose positive change. Our people are our priority. Many people are having a difficult time. We need leadership that invigorates the economy, who listens to our needs, protects our clean water and spends wisely to provide our core essential services. We’ve had 300 businesses close in the last three years, 600 foreclosures per year; it’s time to re-evaluate. I’ve often heard that insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results.

I will work diligently to promote the needs and interests of this county with a focus on stimulating our economy, enticing small businesses here to provide jobs for our residents and keep our shops/services open year-round. Collaboration with municipalities, nonprofits and private entities to increase our tourism base with events from ski races, bike races and medical tourism to rodeo/animal events, small conferences, tournaments, etc., injects life and income into our county.

I believe term limits promote healthy change and complacency comes with stagnant government. I want to ensure Eagle County is a great place for generations ahead.

Right here, right now, make the difference and put motivated, fresh ideas and creative leadership in District 2. For more information, go to

Thank you to the thousands who already voted, especially those of you who have sealed your trust in me in ink on your ballot.

I am honored to serve you right now as county commissioner. Being a public servant is a duty I take very seriously.

In Eagle County, with term limits, a commissioner only gets up to eight years to learn the job, understand budgets and departments, establish connections with local, state and federal entities, choose strategic initiatives and put all those pieces together to get things done.

We have many important initiatives under way requiring continued leadership – the international terminal, building a senior-care facility, redeveloping Eagle-Vail, enhancing the fairgrounds for revenue production and protecting our rivers. There will be a new face in District 1, and Sara Fisher will take her experience with her in two years. I am very eager to leverage my experience through a final term for this community.

Successful communities don’t happen by accident; they require experienced leadership. In 14 years in local elected office, I have been a listener, a translator of policy and a facilitator. I am proud of what we have done together. Thank you for your trust.

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